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Voice of America

2 French Nationals Seized in Somalia

Witnesses say at least 10 gunmen stormed Sahafi Hotel, disarmed guards, grabbed two foreigners from their rooms.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

'Our Sohrab Is Not Dead, Velayat Is Dead'

Reports from Tehran say that last night in the Abadana neighborhood where 19-year-old Sohrab Arabi (who was shot dead in the postelection unrest) lived, people lit candles in front of his house and chanted "Allah Akbar" in his honor. Many were chanting "Our Sohrab is not dead, Velayat [the rule of the supreme leader] is dead."

Radio & TV Martí

EEUU y Cuba retoman conversaciones sobre migración

(Radio Martí) - Estados Unidos y Cuba preven reanudar hoy en Nueva York los debates sobre la migración de cubanos a este país.

Radio Free Asia

Uyghur Women Take the Lead

On July 7, two days after violence rocked Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang, Uyghur women rose to demand the return of their men, arrested in large numbers by Chinese police. These pictures, taken by foreign reporters who had been allowed on the scenes of Sunday’s protest, show how Muslim women have been taking bold leadership roles. As the communist government launches a sweeping security crackdown, the women have faced down police, led protests, and risked arrest by speaking out.