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Betrayed: Labour MPs who pledged to back Asperger's victim's bid to beat extradition to U.S. desert him

gary mckinnon

Dozens had previously given written pledges of their support to the Asperger's Syndrome sufferer. But only ten stuck to their guns and joined the Tories and Liberal Democrats in voting against the Government.

Police officer 'attacked by 40-strong mob after he told teenage girl to pick up burger wrapper'


PC Anthony Smith was surrounded by up to 40 people after confronting the teenager in a shopping precinct in Croydon, south London.

Revealed: The bomb-making kit which white supremacist planned to use to attack 'non-British'

bomb plot

Neil Lewington was arrested by chance on a train on his way to strike his first blow in his racist war against the 'non-British'.

St Swithin's brings downpours... so will it rain for next 40 days?

Rain on the Cam

Doubt has been cast on the prospects for a hot and sunny British summer after it rained heavily across the country today - St Swithin's Day.

Too sexy for prison: Officer claims she was hounded out after inmates paid her compliments

Former prison officer Amitjo Kajla was accused of wearing too much make-up

A prison officer who claims she was hounded out of her job after repeated criticism for being too sexy and 'glammed up' is demanding compensation from Jack Straw at an employment tribunal.

Former magistrate cleared of rape sues his accuser for £300,000

Tony Hunt has launched a civil action against his accuser

Anthony Hunt, who spent nearly two years in jail after being wrongly convicted, wants to 'vindicate his reputation' by bringing a claim of malicious prosecution against the woman who alleged rape.

Man charged with murdering three-month-old son and physically abusing the baby's twin sister

Police Officer Arresting Man

The 40-year-old was arrested after the three-month-old boy was taken to a south London hospital with a serious head injury last October.

Girl, 17, and her father killed as dinghy capsizes at reservoir

Victoria Wilkinson

Masked farm worker 'fired shotgun at Norwegian crop circle tourists' after 300ft design appeared overnight

Main attraction: The crop circle near Cannings Cross Farm, in Wiltshire. A group of Norwegian tourists were visiting the site when a camouflaged farm worker began firing a shotgun over their heads

The man burst out of the tent in Wiltshire and allegedly began firing over the heads of a group of tourists from Norway, sending them fleeing in panic.

'Professional' squatter moves into £30m mansion on London's Billionaires' Row

Just a few doors away from steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal, squatters have moved into a £30million super-mansion which was left empty and fell into disrepair years ago.

Chip and pin Visa card that lets 13-year-olds shop online

Chip and pin

The idea is that parents will load cash onto the card each week, which teenagers can use to shop in high street stores and on websites.

Four arrested as young mother dies of suspected poisoning

Sana Abbasi

Sana Abbasi, 22, who was from Pakistan and came to Britain for an arranged marriage, had been in hospital with an unexplained illness for months.

Cyber attacks on South Korea and U.S. 'could have originated in Britain'

Protesters in Seoul burn pictures of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il and his son Kim Jong-un

The Korea Communications Commission said the information had come from Vietnamese firm Bach Khoa Internetwork Security.

Police shoot man dead outside U.S. Capitol

Police officers walk past a white Mercedes Benz sedan after an apparent shooting on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, USA, 15 July 2009

The unidentified 35-year-old was shot after brandishing a weapon, Washington DC police said. He died shortly after the late afternoon incident on Wednesday.

Husband kills wife, 84, after reversing car into her on driveway

Driveway death: Police at the scene where Doreen Dickenson suffered fatal injuries after her husband reversed their black Mercedes (pictured) through the wall onto the neighbours drive

Colin Dickinson, who is 86 next week, was preparing to go out with Doreen, 84, when the tragedy happened.

Wedding turns to horror as the bride's bouquet causes plane to catch fire and crash into hostel

A bride with a bouquet

The traditional throwing of a bride's bouquet for luck ended in horror at an Italian wedding when the flowers caused a plane to crash.

Muslim convert jailed over blackmail plot to 'expose' friend as terrorist sympathiser

Mary-Nona Sturges

A woman was jailed for four years today after blackmailing her Muslim friend by threatening to expose her as a terrorist sympathiser.

Father of Rhys Jones' killer arrested over petrol bomb attack on home of son's fellow gang member

Sean Mercer,

Sean Mercer's father Joseph McCormick was held by Merseyside police after the family home of fellow gang member Gary Kays was set alight.

Record job losses push unemployment level to 14-year high of 2.38m

Bromley Job Centre

The figure rose by 281,000 in the three months to May, the biggest quarterly increase on record, taking the total to 2.38 million, the highest since 1995.

Customs discover British-bound illegal immigrants stacked three-deep in plastic 'coffins'

Asylum seekers queue for food at Calais: Many have been caught making desperate bids to enter Britain

The Vietnamese refugees were squashed in pairs into the crates just 120cm long, 70cm wide and 80cm high - slightly larger than an average washing machine.

Missing British backpacker is scolded by father after surviving 12 days in Australian bush

jamie neale

Is it too late to start breeding budgies? The trainer who must learn to fly so his giant eagle can be a BBC star

George Hedges with Evie the eagle

British Army chief is forced to borrow a U.S. helicopter during Afghanistan visit

Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt

General Sir Richard Dannatt said that he had to borrow a US Black Hawk helicopter due to a lack of British machines.

Boy, 3, dies after suffering cardiac arrest on trampoline

birmingham children's hospital

The youngster was taken to Birmingham Children's Hospital shortly where he was pronounced dead, West Midlands Ambulance Service said.

Government has passed too many criminal laws, says Britain's top judge

Sir Igor Judge said calls for fewer crime laws had been ignored by ministers

The most senior judge in England and Wales has launched a stinging attack on the Government for passing too many crime laws.

Force uses stop and search power 3,400 times - but suspends it after failing to make single terror arrest

Of the 124,687 Section 44 stop and searches carried out in England and Wales in 2007/8, 87 per cent of these took place in the Metropolitan Police area

A police force has suspended searches of people under controversial anti-terror laws after shock figures exposed the futility of the legislation.

Primary school places crisis as recession and baby boom put 1 in 5 councils under pressure

Rising birth rates and the recession have contributed to a growing demand for school places

Almost one in five local authorities in England is reporting a growing demand for school places as a result of the recession, according to a survey published today.

Microsoft launches Windows 7 three months early and slashes price in war against Google Chrome


Microsoft's latest operating system Windows 7 has gone on sale in the UK almost three months ahead of schedule at massively reduces prices, it has emerged.

Model schoolgirl and family 'terrified' as MPs fail to halt deportation to Nigeria where her father was murdered

Saskia Iloba

Star pupil Saskia Iloba, her brothers and her mother face the threat of persecution and arrest in their native land after the failure of a long campaign by MPs to stop the deportation.

Number of people suffering from swine flu symptoms rises by nearly 50 per cent in a week

Yesterday's Daily Mail

The highest rates of reported illness are in children aged five to 14, according to a data sample of GPs' surgeries.
The report shows that up to 40,000 people visited their doctor last week with flu-like symptoms.


iran crash        

High-flying pupils check in for class - on board an old aeroplane

Please take your seats: Pupils open up their laptops and begin work

Revealed: How CIA set up secret hit squad to assassinate Al Qaeda generals

Osama bin Laden.

The CIA spent at least $1 million on a secret intelligence programme that aimed to develop hit squads to kill Al Qaeda leaders, it has emerged.

You can't deport me, I'm a lesbian: Jamaican drug dealer makes human rights plea

The Royal Courts of Justice

The Jamaican argues she will be persecuted for her homosexuality if she is returned to her home country at the end of her sentence.

Where 'paw-sengers' come first: World's pet-only airline launches in the U.S.

Zoe the Jack Russell

Masterminded by husband and wife Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel, Pet Airway's first flight took off from the Republic Airport in Farmingdale, New York, yesterday.

Government backs Blair's bid to become Europe's first president

tony blair

Europe minister Glenys Kinnock today reinforced speculation that Tony Blair wants to take up the position.

Legal aid bill for prisoners soars £21m as they make 'outlandish' compensation claims under Human Rights Act

Prisoner in prison cell

Successful claims include offenders forced to stop taking heroin while in prison, and others suing because lack of safety rails in their cells left them at risk of falling out of bed.

Woman with two wombs gives birth to a one-in-a-million baby girl

Lindsay Hasaj and husband Tony

A new mother who has two sets of reproductive systems has surprised doctors and the medical world by giving birth to a healthy baby girl.

'Mum, please come and get me': Mother of murdered Hollyoaks actress Amy Leigh Barnes reveals her last phone call

Model Amy Leigh Barnes

Model Amy Leigh Barnes pleaded with her mother to 'come and get me' just hours before her boyfriend allegedly stabbed her to death, a court heard

The amazing plant photographs which were ten years in the making and are filled with electricity

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