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15 জুলাই 2009 

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Mauritius to Expel Bangladeshi Workers


Migrant workers from Bangladesh waiting in Malaysia.
Migrant workers from Bangladesh
 The government of Mauritius has decided to expel thousands of Bangladeshi workers by the end of the year.

No official reason has been given, but union leaders say the action is aimed at protecting local jobs, especially in the textile industry.

Reuters news agencyreported Wednesday that some 6,000 male Bangladeshi workers have been ordered to leave within six months. About 4,000 of them work in clothing factories.

The report quotes the leader of the private sector workers union, Reaz Chuttoo, as saying the textile sector has been hard hit by the economic crisis. He said some companies have had to dismiss workers in order to survive.

Another report from the Indian Ocean islandquotes the Bangladeshi honorary consul Ganny Joonas as urging the government of Mauritius to reconsider the decision.

Joonas said the Mauritius industrial sector needs these workers.

Textile manufacturing is the pillar of the island's economy, which also depends on tourism and agriculture.

Matiur Rahman Chowdhury has more on the story.

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