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16 July 2009 

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Liberia's Army Rebuilt to Defend Country

During Liberia's civil war, the national army and rebel groups both committed human rights abuses against people in the country. The army disbanded in 2003 with the help of the United Nations. VOA's Kari Barber reports on the current government's latest efforts to reestablish security in the West African nation.

And now a programming note, VOA TV is pleased to announce a new program, called "In Focus," coming your way on October 6th. "Healthy Living" and "Perspectives" will be a part of this new magazine show, along with news and features about Africa and America, Sonny Side of Sports and much more -- programming you've come to expect from VOA TV. Call or write your television station to make sure "In Focus" is part of your day. And as always, you can contact us here at VOA TV - africatv@voanews.com. We hope you'll join us for "In Focus," coming to you from the Voice of America.

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