Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Speaking Out At Friday Prayers 

Iran’s Long Slide Back To Absolute Rule 

Revolutionaries often end up adopting the habits and methods of those they once opposed. In Iran, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has overseen a transformation back to absolute monarchy -- the difference being that this time, a cleric has control, not a dynasty. More


The West Rediscovers Russian Folk Art 

Russian folk art has never been much collected in Western Europe. But now, there are signs it is drawing greater interest, including in the Western antique market and the art world, as viewers and buyers are drawn to the craftsmanship of Russian folk art and the mix of eastern and western styles. More


Exclusive Nemtsov Interview After Obama Meeting 

Shortly after meeting with President Obama in Moscow, Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov told RFE/RL that "Russian democracy is our problem, not America's." More
Life In A Kyrgyz Circus Troupe
Life on the road isn't easy for the Eshimbekovs, a family of Kyrgyz circus performers. Work is scarce and traveling means being apart from loved ones back home. But they take great pride in their craft, and in being part of the long tradition of Kyrgyz horsemanship.

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