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14 July 2009 

Today from VOA:

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President Barack Obama addressed Muslims around the world from Cairo, Egypt, on 4 June. In a much-anticipated speech, he urged partnership among Muslim states and the West. VOA broadcast the speech, along with analysis from experts around the world in a special 90-minute report. We also had contributions from our correspondents in Cairo and Jerusalem.

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Digging our heads in the sand is not an option for a mature, responsible nation.

Muslims do not need simply speech in any form, we need justice, fairness and equality of
opportunity.  Thoughts shared from the same fans from Indonesia.
Rahmat Parinduri

I am forwarding a link to my blog post "Expectations from President Obama's Cairo Speech."
link: http://thetrajectory.com/blogs/?p=575
Madhavi Bhasin

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President Obama took a step toward mending U.S. relations with the Muslim world with his speech in Cairo
Tension Marks US-Muslim Relations  Video clip available
Analysts say President Obama should fight discrimination against Muslims in United States
President Barack Obama delivers much-anticipated message to Muslim world from auditorium at Cairo University campus, 04 Jun 2009
Obama Addresses World's Muslims  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
President says after decades of frustration and distrust, it is time for candor, dialogue and a fresh start
President Barack Obama delivers speech in Cairo, Egypt, 04 Jun 2009
Uzbekistan Praises Obama's Speech to Muslims
A statement from Uzbekistan's Foreign Ministry says Mr. Obama's speech was an 'appeal to break with a vicious circle of mistrust' with the Muslim world
Obama Speech Gets Mostly Positive React; With Some Skepticism  Audio Clip Available
Many welcome President Obama's choice of words, but caution that words must be backed by deeds to be believed
Men watch U.S. President Barack Obama give his speech at a cafe in Cairo, Egypt
Obama's Speech to Muslims Well-Received in Egypt  Video clip available
Many express hope for new US policies
World Reaction Mixed on Obama's Cairo Speech  Video clip available
Speech to Muslims draws mixture of praise and skepticism from around the world
House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) speaks at a news briefing on Capitol Hill, 21 May 2009
US Lawmakers React to Obama Speech
Democrats praise speech; Republicans more guarded, critical on Israeli-Palestinian issue
Palestinians, Israelis Have Mixed Reactions to Obama Speech  Audio Clip Available
Palestinians hail speech as good step forward; Israel hoping for new period of reconciliation
Pakistani man listens to President Barack Obama's speech at electronics shop in Karachi, 04 Jun 2009
Pakistanis Praise Obama Cairo Speech But Await Specifics    Audio Clip Available
Some Pakistanis say it will take much more than just a very well-delivered speech to alter Pakistani Muslims' attitudes about the United States
Kenyan Muslims Welcome Obama's Words, But Wait For Action
The president's Cairo speech was being watched particularly closely by Kenya's sizable Muslim community
Cairo Speech Said to Signal Increased Funding of Democracy Programs  Audio Clip Available
Obama talks directly to Middle Eastern peoples, bypassing government media
West Africans React to Obama Speech  Audio Clip Available
Some impressed, some underwhelmed
President Barack Obama delivers speech in Cairo, Egypt, 04 Jun 2009
Obama to Iran:  Let Us 'Move Forward'
US president says Iran must not be allowed to pursue nuclear weapons
Mixed Reaction to Obama Speech
Some in Middle East are welcoming what they call Mr. Obama's frank talk about  Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Obama's Speech to Muslims to be Part of Lengthy Effort  Audio Clip Available
Speech not a magical solution for improving US-Arab relations, says Press Secretary Robert Gibbs
CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad says the Obama administration should consult with American Muslims on policy issues
Largest US Muslim Group Sends Open Letter to Obama  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
CAIR letter urges shifts in U.S. foreign, domestic policies, non-military support for democracy in Muslim countries
A new poll indicates Arabs still have a negative view of the United States, although they are more favorable toward President Obama
Arabs More Responsive to President Obama    Video clip available
But new poll says they are not enthusiastic about United States 
Former Egyptian first lady Jehan Sadat says people in the Middle East are tired of violence and want a lasting peace
Bringing Peace to Middle East Possible, Says Former Egyptian First Lady  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
Jehan Sadat optimistic about President Obama's efforts, reaching out to Muslims, bringing peace to Middle East
Radwan Masmoudi, president of the Center for the Study of Islam and Democracy, says Muslims want President Obama to listen to them, too
Experts Say in US Outreach to Islamic World, Actions Matter Most  Audio Clip Available
Experts urge President Obama to listen to Muslims' concerns