The Recession tore us apart

Rosamund and James

Only one man in the world was rich enough to suit Jackie Kennedy after affair with Bobby

Aristotle and Jacqueline Onassis

The final excerpt from a compelling new book reveals why John F. Kennedy's widow turned to Greek tycoon Aristotle Onassis after Bobby Kennedy's assassination.

Sophie Wessex, her £1.7m business debt - and why she won’t pay

The Countess of Wessex, pictured last week, has left a trail of debts

£280 to couriers, £958 for office supplies, £640 for printing, not to mention £590,153 to the bank...these are some of the debts the wealthy Countess of Wessex won’t have to pay now the business she founded is being wound up.

Now you can call me The Ladyship: Boris Johnson's sister is the new editor of The Lady magazine

Rachel Johnson

Rachel Johnson, the effervescent author and journalist sister of Boris Johnson never imagined that her shabby and chaotic home would land her one of the most coveted jobs in women’s magazines - editor of The Lady

Sally got a new nose in Prague... it left her looking like a toucan

Sally Farmer

Health tourism is booming - but increasing numbers of women pay a terrible price for low-cost cosmetic surgery.

'I was begging for the symptoms to pass...': In graphic detail, one sufferer’s account of swine flu

Anastasia Stephens believes she suffered swine flu

I am a fit and healthy 37-year-old journalist. I play tennis, attend yoga classes and enjoy hiking. Had I been weakened by a medical condition or was elderly, the illness which I now believe was swine flu could have easily been left me fighting for my life.

Billionaires beware: This woman is after your wallets

Renu Mehta

Model-turned philanthropist Renu Mehta is on a mission to save the planet. But before she can solve all the world's problems there's the small matter of money...

The man who ate Britain: TOM PARKER BOWLES sets out to discover what we really eat

Tom Parker Bowles enjoys a Full English in a cafe in London

In a taster from his enlightening new book, TOM PARKER BOWLES dishes the dirt about the UK's worst food and raises a glass to the best.

Boyzone tour gave me life-threatening hernia, reveals Keith Duffy

Keith Duffy

Keith Duffy tells how he suffered a life-threatening hernia which was cured in just one hour by the most common operation in the world.

LIZ JONES: I'd rather die young than live to 90 in this soup of bossiness

Sign of the times: You can't see the wood for the trees at this Surrey junction

As I was driving home on Thursday night along a beautiful country road I saw a giant, luminous sign - it was about 20ft high, lit up with dozens of bulbs - that hadn’t been there the week before.

Celebrity Style Watch... Cheryl Cole

We show you how to recreate Cheryl's look for a fraction of the cost. Plus, click and buy her style at the Fashion Store...

Cheryl ColeCheryl Cole: Travelling in style

I use comedy as a weapon: Julie Walters on slaying her demons

Julie Walters

Comedy roles may have endeared Julie Walters to our hearts, but there are darker impulses behind the laughter. Here she tells Louette Harding how confronting her ‘monsters’ finally made them go away.

Sacha Baron Cohen: It's so sad, but I have to kill off Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen in Universal Pictures film 'Bruno'

Sacha Baron Cohen has spent a year living and breathing his most outrageous creation yet. Here he reveals why
we’ve already seen the last of him.

Having escaped the 'Diana witch hunt', the man who almost wed her tells the REAL reason the affair was doomed

Hasnat Khan and Diana

Although born in Lahore, Hasnat Khan views Britain as his home. How ironic, then, that if his affair with Princess Diana had ended in marriage, he would have felt compelled to take her to Pakistan

A life dedicated to deceit: The middle-class squatter couple and a husband who devoted his life to fraud

Richard and Hazel Jerome

The Jeromes posed as wealthy home buyers then lived in houses rent free for 18 months. But, as this investigation reveals, that was just the START of their web of lies...

America's got our talent! How British female presenters are the hottest thing on US TV

Cat Deeley

Amanda Holden, Myleene Klass and Alexa Chung are the latest British exports to US TV. But can they pull it off like Cat Deeley?

Eugenie set to become a Geordie princess at university (following her £100,000 gap year hi-jinks)

Princess Eugenie will head to Newcastle to experience university life

The 19-year-old royal will study for a BA in English and history of art but it is not yet known whether she will take up a place in one of the university's halls of residence.

How Marilyn Monroe wore a Wonderbra prototype to boost her curves

Marilyn Monroe

The secret of Marilyn Monroe's famous curves is finally out after the bra that gave her bust a boost has come to light.

Beauty confidential: How to get the no make-up make-up look

Keep it subtle: The tricks that will make you look effortlessly beautiful

In this cash-conscious climate, no one wants to look like they've spent a fortune on beauty, so here's the experts' guide to keeping it subtle.

Shopping challenge: The hunt for the perfect summer slingback

Sling Backs tested by Claire Coleman

As customers complain M&S slingbacks are poor quality and 'don’t fit', we take the slingback challenge
to the High Street.

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