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'Go back to your disease-ridden country!' What the French said to British schoolchildren with swine flu

Students from Spain with protective masks after an outbreak of swine flu in Issy-les-Moulineaux, near Paris

Medics dressed in white suits and masks swooped on the terrified children and sent them back home in a blacked-out coach.

Vulnerable to wait months for swine flu vaccine after hitch in production

The Government had hopes to vaccinate 30million people against swine flu by the end of the year

Emergency plans to vaccinate half the population by Christmas are at risk after the manufacturer reported serious problems growing enough quantities of its vaccine.

You can have your children baptised when you marry, says Church of England

Bride holding her baby at wedding reception

The Church of England yesterday overthrew 2,000 years of history by giving its blessing to couples having children before they marry.

Schoolgirl, 13, arrested after sub-machine gun found in her wardrobe

M16 assault rifle

The teenager was taken into custody after the automatic machine gun - an M16-style rifle capable of firing up to 900 rounds-per-minute - was seized at a flat in Croydon, south London.

Parents to snoop on families of unruly children as school contracts become legally binding

To ensure parents enforce good behaviour, they will be have to sign Home School Agreements before the start of each term, ministers said

Parents will be encouraged to complain about 'recalcitrant' families of unruly classmates as part of a Government plan to cut youth crime.

Female teacher, 26, arrested for 'sexually assaulting' schoolgirl at top private school

The alleged 'inappropriate relationship' between a female teacher and a pupil developed at the City of London School for Girls (above) in Barbican

The alleged assault involved a 26-year-old teacher at the City of London School for Girls in the heart of the capital, and one of the pupils at the £13,000-a-year-school.

The Grand Canyon of Durham: Heavy flooding carves vast trench in farm land

Grand Canyon of Durham: The vast trench, caused by heavy flooding, is believed to be an ancient riverbed that had lain buried for centuries

Man batters wife to death with paving slab 50 minutes after police leave his home 'as he was calm'

Bludgeoned: Patricia Smales was beaten to death by her husband

Michael Smales, 45, bludgeoned airport check-in agent Patricia to death. Following the attack Smales was found loitering half naked on a motorway embankment.

Racist BNP teenager pushed girl, 14, to the brink of suicide

bullied teenage girl

The youth, 15, subjected his female victim to months of racist abuse, on one occasion telling her: 'Go back to your own country, you don't belong here.'

Four out five want cap on immigration ... and they say Johnson is at odds with the public

Home secretary Alan Johnson has ruled out imposing an immigration cap

Despite ministers ruling out a cap, a Home Office poll of attitudes towards people coming to the UK found overwhelming support for a ‘strict limit’ on immigrant numbers.

IRA bomber gets an invitation to the 25th anniversary of Brighton atrocity

Patrick Magee

Patrick Magee killed five people when he planted a bomb at a hotel hosting the Conservative Party conference in October 1984.

Who will run the country when Brown goes on holiday? Lord Mandelson and Harriet Harman jostle for No10

Gordon Brown speaks at his monthly Downing Street press conference before he heads off for a holiday in Scotland

The Prime Minister has confirmed that a succession of senior ministers - including Lord Mandelson and Harriet Harman - would step in for him.

Humiliation of Brown's mouthy minister of war, who U-turns over 'too few helicopters' remark

Lord Foulkes

The No 10 political machine swung into action and the peer was told to issue a 'clarification' - reversing his position and claiming all operations were 'adequately resourced'.

Financier 'stripped and groped woman who had passed out after pub drinking session'

Justin Von Tunzelman

The 37-year-old investment consultant is accused of taking off his clothes and stripping the unconscious woman.

Gerrard 'was drunk when he threw barrage of punches at businessman's head' in row over CD player

Steven Gerrard

England football star Steven Gerrard admitted punching a businessman three times after drinking heavily when a row about music during a night out escalated.

BBC bosses say Sir Alan Sugar's new job could mean a delay for The Apprentice

Sir Alan Sugar (right) takes up his seat in the House of Lords

The BBC's governing body has warned programming chiefs that broadcasting his show in the run-up to a general election could be seen as unfair.

Thousands of French chipmunks carrying potentially fatal diseases ready to invade Britain

There are fears the chipmunks could bring potentially fatal diseases to Britain

Many carry ticks infected with the Borrelia bacterium that causes Lyme disease, a nerve illness that can disable and even kills victims if not treated early enough.

The private health checks that could be bad for you

Doctor takes patient's blood pressure

Thousands of people paying for private health check-ups could be wasting their money and even damaging their health, say consumer campaigners.

Fathers DO matter: Scientists claim they play crucial role in child's development


In a world where advances in cloning and genetics are threatening to make men redundant, scientists finally have some reassuring news.

Caught on camera: The IT repairmen who spy on your files

spy guys

Pensioner's rare SILVER penny could sell for thousands... so have you got one in your pocket?

Precious penny: Tania Simmonite's granddaughter Amy Baker holds the rare silver 1p piece that is set to earn her grandmother thousands

Half of university graduates too poor to pay back student loans after struggling to find lucrative jobs

Graduates throwing mortarboards

The numbers failing to earn the £15,000 salary which triggers repayment have risen 160,000 in a year as graduates struggle to find lucrative work or are made redundant.

As WPC Sharon Beshenivsky's killer is jailed for life, husband slams Home Office over foreign prisoners fiasco

Mustaf Jama

A prolific criminal who should not even have been in the country has finally been brought to justice for his part in the murder of WPC Sharon Beshenivsky.

Drinking milk 'cuts risk of dying from heart disease and stroke by one fifth'

Crates of milk bottles

It offers protection against developing most diseases, with the exception of prostate cancer, according to scientists.

I'd topple Mugabe if I were still in power, says Blair

Tony Blair

'Whoever has the possibility should topple Mugabe – the man has destroyed his country, many people have died unnecessarily because of him,' he told Germany’s Stern Magazine.

Gordon Brown offers a glimmer of hope for Asperger's sufferer Gary McKinnon

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Gary McKinnon

Breaking his silence on Mr McKinnon's battle to avoid extradition on computer hacking charges, the Prime Minister said he was 'sympathetic' to his plight.

Electrical fault in old TV sparked tower inferno that killed six

Charred tower block in Camberwell

Police said a television which was at least 10 years old caught fire after being left plugged in on the ninth floor.

Female medical student murdered two elderly women so she could study death

The murders were carried out in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk

A medical student murdered two elderly women so she could study the process of dying for her doctorate, say police.

Spying for Russia was my biggest mistake, by traitor Blunt, the 'Fourth Man'

Blunt, Maclean, Burgess, Philby

Pensioner launches one-woman clean-up campaign after discovering streets of Thailand are cleaner than UK

One-woman campaign: Sandra White spends three hours every day cleaning the streets of her home town of Spalding, Lincolnshire

Sandra White spends three hours every morning patrolling the streets of Spalding, Lincolnshire, cleaning litter, and even paid a local window cleaner to wash shelters in the town's bus station.

'I'm no saint but you know that': Berlusconi breaks silence over sex scandal

'I'm not saint': Silvio Berlusconi has spoken about the sex scandal surrounding him

In his first public remarks since websites posted audio tapes of conversations supposedly between him and an escort, Silvio Berlusconi has vowed to stay in office until 2013.

How a spot of gardening can put a spring in your step

woman gardening

Getting people to join reading groups, toil on allotments and even embark on computer training in their twilight years could improve the nation's mental health.

Pictured: Six-foot shark carried on to city train and then left to die in Miami street

Abandoned: A police officer photographs the shark after it was dumped in the centre of downtown Miami

The carcass of a six foot long shark was left lying in the middle of downtown Miami street after two men tried to sell it to several fish markets.

Balls's micro-management 'fuelled SATs chaos'

 Ed Balls

The interference intensified weaknesses in the testing system that led to delays in results for more than a million seven and 14-year-olds, according to a cross-party Commons committee.

Wish you were here (again): Family send postcard to pensioner... and SHE is in the picture

leanor and Walt Boucher with the postcard she was pictured on

When Eleanor Boucher found a postcard from Weymouth on the doormat, the happy beach scene made her feel she was there.

World's first 3D digital camera to be launched in Britain

3d effect

Created by Japanese camera company Fujifilm, it will allow users to see their holiday snaps in full 3D, with bicycles and beach balls jumping out from pictures.

Thousands besiege Indian village identified as best spot on Earth to watch longest solar eclipse of the century

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