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China Farmers Protest Land Grabs


Poor farmers confront authorities and developers over land seized in central China and coastal provinces.

Detentions Follow Medical Protest


Chinese authorities detain five in a blood-test scam that led to clashes between police and parents concerned that their children had been infected with HIV.

China Blocks Tibet Lawyers


Authorities deny a Tibetan filmmaker and two monks the right to legal representation in what some are calling a wider crackdown on independent lawyers.

Activists Defend China's Huai River


A group of activists takes on environmental challenges to one of China's rivers, but encounter official obstacles along the way.

Crackdown on Rights Lawyers


Chinese authorities shut down a legal center a week after revoking the licenses of more than 50 lawyers.

New UN Sanctions for North Korea


The United Nations takes aim at firms and individuals linked to Pyongyang’s deadly weapons program.

Witnesses Describe Two-Way Violence


Vivid new accounts describe violence on both sides in a deadly ethnic clash in northwestern China.

Jailed Publisher Will Appeal


A publisher is jailed after his newspaper reports on alleged official corruption in Cambodia.

Media Strategy in Xinjiang


Chinese authorities learned a lot in 2008 about how to manage media during a crisis. In the Xinjiang riots, they put it to use.

Who Will Succeed Kim?


In highly secretive North Korea, not even the inner-circle cognoscenti are sure who the country's next leader will be.

Uyghur Scholar's Release Sought


A Chinese writer petitions for the release of a prominent Uyghur economist detained after riots in China’s ethnically divided northwest.

China Detains Reporters in Urumqi


After days of ethnic violence in Xinjiang's capital, Chinese authorities detain several journalists covering the unrest.

Urumqi: a Quiet "Open Prison"


A man contacted by RFA in Urumqi tells about his fears while the official Chinese media strive to portray a city under control and life back to normal.

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