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July 08, 2009


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I agree Cyrus with your position. It is not your responsibility to comment on every issue that deals with Iran. Just enlightening us about Iran's nuclear program is by itself a great accomplishment. And you are correct. Right of the Iranian nation to the peaceful nuclear energy not right of the Iranian government should be your foremost priority. If you become tangential and comment on any political event in Iran without being able to witness it yourself from inside the country, then your objectivity will become very blurred and you open yourself to countless commentaries. Stay focused and keep on doing what you are doing now.

{Cyrus responds: thank you -- which is not to say that I necessarily approve of what's going on in Iran either.]

Dear Cyrus,

I've been a long time reader of your blog as I thought you had good arguments vs the strong lobby against Iran. I thought you'd stand by the truth and nothing but the truth.

However, your recent postings or, more importantly, lack of the them on certain subjects re what's going on in Iran have highly disappointed me. Remember that by only writing about positive things re our country and defending it's rights while turning a blind eye on its shortcomings and not criticizing its human rights records you lose fairness and with that your credibility as a genuine reference.

Defending a subject should be done in a practical and holistic way you can't ignore certain (important) aspects while focusing on a few. I don't live in Iran but I've fought for its right to peaceful nuclear technology and many other things that we have been denied; but honestly with how my brothers and sisters were treated during the past few weeks in my country I am reconsidering my position until the government implements an acceptable (minimum) level of human rights and basic freedom internally.

Before such steps are taken I will not be able to stand up and fight for Iran's rights while believing it wholeheartedly. Iran had played his hand very well in the last 6-7 years but it was time to cash in and take advantage of it but with what happened recently they've lost most of what they had gained. A pity...

Cyrus be fair to yourself and write what you believe is right see the whole truth.

Just another Iranian.

[Cyrus Responds: Thanks for writing, however I don't live in Iran and there are better informed people dealing with the subjects you brought up. I don't see it as my responsibility to cover everything having to do with Iran. This blog, as indicated in the title, is limited to Iranian foreign policy and international affairs of Iran (note: Iran not the Iranian government. Iran's interests and issues remains constant regardless of the type of government in charge.) I mentioned the elections only to the extent that it had become an issue outside of Iran.]

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