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Bend It Like Obama?

Chris Hayes: Has the White House ceded the moral and political high ground on healthcare to technocrats and fiscal conservatives with its "bending the curve" focus on lowering costs and reducing the deficit? 4:20 PM ET


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» The Notion

The Birthers of a Nation
Leslie Savan

Skip Gates and the Post-Racial Project
Melissa Harris-Lacewell

Misused TARP Funds Shocker
Laura Flanders

» The Beat

For Sotomayor, Against the Confirmation Process | Judiciary approves nomination 13-6, but Feingold worries (wisely) about decay of checks and balances.
John Nichols
Posted at 2:00 PM ET

» Capitolism

What the Hell is Max Baucus Thinking !?! | Why can't conservative Democrats understand simple politics?
Christopher Hayes

» Editor's Cut

Congress Shouldn't Skip Town | The majority of people are on the side of real reform. Now is the time to ride that momentum and pass legislation--not stifle it by skipping town.
Katrina vanden Heuvel

» Act Now!

Fed Up With Corn | The corn that we eat has fallen victim to America’s drift toward sweet, heavy-handed, one-dimensional tastes.
Peter Rothberg

» The Dreyfuss Report

Real Peace -- Or A Mirage? | It isn't clear, yet, whether Obama plans to put forward a real US peace plan or just call for "negotiations."
Robert Dreyfuss

» Altercation

Slacker Friday | Why does the elite political media take the Republican Party, as it is currently constituted, seriously as a national political party?
Eric Alterman

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