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Are You Eligible for This World-Class Broadcast News Organization?

The International Broadcasting Bureau supports broadcasts to the world in 60 languages. Our working environment is diverse, multicultural, and highly professional. We employ both U.S. Citizens and non-U.S. Citizens (in positions requiring foreign languages).

The International Broadcasting Bureau is an equal opportunity employer.

Current Openings Last Updated 29, July 2009
Job Title Job No. Grade Close
Chief Financial Officer ERB-09-121 ES-560 07/29/09
International Broadcaster (Non-English) BBG-09-001 GS-1001-9/11 12/31/09
International Broadcaster (Hausa) M/P-04-46 GS-1001-12 Open until filled
VOA Financial Resource Officer
M/P-07-38 GS-301-15 Open until filled
VOA Financial Resource Officer DEU-07-38 GS-301-15 Open until filled
International Broadcaster (Kurdish) DEU-09-124 GS-1001-12 07/31/09
Information Technology Specialist (Customer Support) M/P-09-126 GS-2210-9/11/12 08/07/09
Information Technology Specialist (Customer Support) DEU-09-126 GS-2210-9/11/12 08/7/09
Research Manager M/P-09-127 GS-1001-13/14 07/31/09
Research Manager DEU-09-127 GS-1001-13/14 07/31/09
Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) M/P-09-128 GS-2210-13/14 08/07/09
Information Technology Specialist (INFOSEC) DEU-09-128 GS-2210-13/14 08/07/09
International Broadcast (Radio/Internet) (Somali) DEU-09-129 GS-1001-12 07/31/09
TV Production Specialist M/P-09-132 GS-1071-9/11/12 7/30/09
TV Production Specialist DEU-09-132 GS-1071-9/11/12 7/30/09
Telecommunications Manager M/P-09-133 GS-0391-15 07/29/09
Telecommunications Manager DEU-09-133 GS-0391-15 07/29/09
Personnel Technician M/P-09-134 GS-0303-07 8/13/09
International Broadcaster(Background Writer/Online)(Russian) DEU-09-135 GS-1001-12 08/06/2009
Supervisory Senior Editor (Online)(Russian) DEU-09-136 GS-1082-13 08/06/09
International Broadcaster (Radio)(Creole) M/P-09-138 GS-1001-11 08/04/09
International Broadcaster (Radio)(Creole) DEU-09-138 GS-1001-11 08/04/09
Information Technology Specialist (SYSADMIN)-M/P M/P-09-139 GS-2210-13/14 08/28/09
Information Technology Specialist (SYSADMIN)-DEU DEU-09-139 GS-2210-13/14 08/28/09
Information Technology Specialist (INET)-M/P M/P-09-141 GS-2210-9/11 08/07/09
Information Technology Specialist (INET)-DEU DEU-09-141 GS-2210-9/11 08/07/09
Information Technology Specialist (INET)-M/P M/P-09-142 GS-2210-12/13 08/28/09
Information Technology Specialist (INET)-DEU DEU-09-142 GS-2210-12/13 08/28/09
Human Resources Specialist (HR Development) M/P-09-144 GS-0201-13 08/04/09