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  Federal jury: West Point didn't violate protesters' free speech
  Demonstrators' anti-war message on T-shirts wasn't main reason for expulsion from Army-Navy basketball game, jurors find.     07.23.09
  2nd Circuit: U.S. officials mishandled exclusion of Muslim scholar
  Tariq Ramadan should have had chance to show he was no supporter of terrorism before he was barred from country.     07.20.09
  9th Circuit dismisses lawsuit over Ore. Bush protest
  However, court gives ACLU lawyers a chance to amend complaint to include evidence that would strengthen their claims that Secret Service discriminated against demonstrators.     07.20.09
  1st Circuit backs expanded buffer zones outside Mass. abortion clinics
  Attorney general's office defended 2007 statute, saying it enhanced public safety and clinic access, while still guaranteeing people's right to express opinions near medical facilities.     07.10.09
  Justices keep Mo. funeral-protest law on hold
  Supreme Court refuses to hear state's appeal of 8th Circuit order that bars enforcement of statute while federal judge considers whether it is constitutional.     06.29.09
  Christian group can't leaflet at Arab festival, federal judge rules
  Lawyer for Arabic Christian Perspective says: 'It's not over'; group will seek permanent injunction against city of Dearborn, Mich.     06.19.09
  Federal judge: Ministry can leaflet at St. Louis PrideFest
  Court makes earlier order permanent; city representatives said officials had already repealed ordinance in question.     06.16.09
  N.Y. high court strikes down city's youth curfew
  Justices say Rochester's ordinance violates children's free-expression, -association rights and gives parents too little flexibility and autonomy in supervising their kids.     06.10.09
  Colleges accused of trampling gun supporters' protest rights
  FIRE says institutions nationwide have unconstitutionally barred students from handing out literature, protesting and gathering in support of right to carry weapons on campus.     05.31.09
  Minn. man files appeal in free-speech case against National Parks
  Judge did strike down one part of permit rules, saying phrase 'other public expressions of views' was unconstitutionally vague and gave officials too much discretion.     05.15.09
  Conservationists drop lawsuit against Forest Service
  Three men, who filed suit after they were escorted out of agency press conference by armed officers in 2005, say they have run out of money to continue case.     05.13.09
  Federal judge throws out Bush protester's lawsuit
  Pennsylvania man who held up sign likening president to Hitler during 2005 parade had claimed arrest violated his right to free speech.     05.13.09
  Ruling: Court right to toss war protesters' convictions
  Texas high court says two activists shouldn't have been arrested for pitching tents near President Bush's ranch during Cindy Sheehan's anti-war campaign.     04.23.09
  Federal judge halts Mo. town's funeral-protest ordinance
  Court cites 8th Circuit case law, says Shirley Phelps-Roper 'has sufficiently demonstrated … a likelihood of success on the merits' in lawsuit challenging Gladstone law.     04.15.09
  Terrorism charges to be dropped against 8 RNC protesters
  Supporters say they hope remaining conspiracy charges also will be dismissed; 'If planning a protest can be called conspiracy, the right to free speech is in real danger,' says one activist.     04.10.09
  ACLU challenges Mich. funeral-protest law
  Army veteran, wife whose van bore anti-Bush signs were arrested in 2007 during procession for friend killed in Iraq.     04.02.09
  Idaho appeals court throws out city's curfew law
  Panel rules Wendell's ordinance, which bars minors from being out between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., is too broad because it doesn't allow exception for free-speech activities.     04.01.09
  Federal judge strikes down Las Vegas anti-leafleting rules
  City had revised ordinances in 2006 after previous attempts to regulate conduct at Fremont Street Experience failed in court.     03.23.09
  Vt. high court dismisses charges against hecklers
  Justices rule two political activists were within their free-speech rights when they briefly disrupted 2006 graduation speech by top Bush administration intelligence official.     03.16.09
  Neb. high court upholds firing of trooper for link to Klan
  Arbitrator had found dismissal of Robert Henderson for joining racist group violated state patrolman's First Amendment rights.     03.02.09
  Radio host can move forward with lawsuit over arrest
  Seth Grossman contends his rights were violated while he was protesting event held by New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine.     02.25.09
  Amnesty International can sue over Miami rally
  11th Circuit panel reinstates claim that police infringed on group's First Amendment rights by preventing people from attending 2003 free-trade protest.     02.25.09
  Hawaii wedding planners challenge beach permit fees
  Attorney for Maui group says state regulation violates 2001 lawsuit settlement as well as First Amendment because weddings have same protections as other religious, political gatherings.     02.02.09
  Ga. high court upholds state's anti-gang law
  Justices unanimously reject claim that statute is unconstitutionally vague and tramples on freedom of association.     01.13.09
  Divided 9th Circuit panel strikes down Seattle parade-permit law
  Two judges agree ordinance gives police too much authority in granting permits; third judge disagrees.     12.15.08
  NYPD quietly drops policy on videotaping political activity
  NYCLU, which has challenge to police surveillance rules pending in federal court, says department changed regulation last year but group wasn't notified until last month.     11.13.08
  Judge rules against 2 ejected from '05 Bush event
  Plaintiffs were essentially arguing that they were not allowed to participate in president's speech, federal judge finds.     11.07.08
  8th Circuit: Mo. funeral-protest law should be blocked
  Panel again says Shirley Phelps-Roper is entitled to injunction while lower court considers constitutionality of 2006 statute.     11.03.08
  Md. officials give spied-upon activists greater access to police files
  Under pressure from ACLU, state officials decide to allow 53 individuals wrongly entered into police database to bring attorney with them to view records or have copy sent to them.     10.28.08
  Md. police overreached in spying on activists, review finds
  Report concludes officers violated federal regulations, intruded on law-abiding residents' free-expression rights by infiltrating anti-war and death-penalty opposition groups.     10.02.08

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