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13 August 2009 

Today from VOA:

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Simply type www.voamobile.com into the Internet browser of your phone, PDA or mobile handheld device and you'll have access to VOA news content optimized for small screen mobile devices with Internet access. Don't forget to bookmark it!


VOAMobile is now available in multiple languages

VOAMobile available in multiple languages

Select the language of your choice and receive the latest news stories from around the world on your hand held device.

bullet Albanian www.VOAMobile.com/albanian
  bullet Bosnian www.VOAMobile.com/bosnian  


bullet English www.VOAMobile.com
  bullet Special English www.VOAMobile.com/se  

bullet Hindi www.VOAMobile.com/hindi
  bullet Indonesian www.VOAHP.com  
  bullet Korean www.VOAMobile.com/korean  

bullet Persian www.VOAMobile.com/persian
  bullet Russian www.VOAMobile.com/russian  




bullet Spanish www.VOAMobile.com/spanish
 bullet Swahiliwww.VOAMobile.com/swahili 
  bullet Turkish www.VOACEP.com  
  bullet Ukrainian www.VOAMobile.com/ukrainian  
  bullet Uzbek www.UzMobil.com  

bullet Vietnamese www.VOAMobile.com/vn

Q: How do I access VOA on my mobile phone, PDA or wireless handheld device?

You can access VOA News for free from almost any mobile phone or wireless handheld device as long the deviceis web enabled and you have wireless Internet service activated as part of your device's service plan. To get VOA, simply type www.voamobile.cominto theportable device.

Once you have navigated to the VOA News mobile homepage, add it as a bookmarkand access it even faster the next time you want to read the latest news from VOA.

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Q: What content does VOA offer to mobiledevices?

At www.voamobile.comyou willfind the day's top news stories. If you have an interest in a particular geographic area, you will find links to VOA news storiesabout Africa, Asia, the Americas, Middle East, Europe and the United States.

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Q: Does VOA charge money for access to its mobile news service?

VOA News Mobile Edition is provided to our readers at no charge. Mobile or PDA providers usually charge for Internet access. Contact your mobile operator for information on Internet access charges.

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Q: I've navigated to www.voamobile.com but I can't read the text.

VOAMobile.comis available in multiple languages and uses the native character sets for each language. If your mobile phone or PDA cannot display the in-language text, you may need to contact your mobile phone carrier or PDA vendor for a software upgrade to support the required character set.

All VOAMobile.comcontent has been tested to work on the widest range of devices possible, however older devices maynot support current mobile web standards.

If you are having trouble displaying a particular language, please let us know which one. Additionally, if you can view other mobile sites in the same language, let us know which sites display correctly. Please let us know any comments or questions you have about the VOAMobile.com web site by sending an email to mobile@voanews.com.

Please be sure to include the country in which you are accessing the site, your mobile carrier, and the manufacturer and model number of the mobile device you are using.

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