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  1. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2009 July/August 2009
    Read this month’s issue of AU’s Church & State magazine
  2. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2009 Texas Tall Tale Religious Right Cowboy David Barton’s Fixin’ To Rewrite The Social Studies Textbooks In The Lone Star State (And Maybe Your State Too)
  3. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2009 Partisan Power Play AU Complains To IRS After Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University Excommunicates College Democreats
  4. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2009 Jacob’s Letter Why An Ohio High School Student Publicly Opposed Clergy-Led Christian Prayers At Graduation – And What Happened Afterward
  5. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2009 Who Is Sonia Sotomayor? Obama High Court Pick Has Slim Record On Church-State Issues
  6. {thumbnail} Church & State July 1, 2009 Church, State And Sotomayor Opinions To Ponder
  7. {thumbnail} Press Release August 12, 2009 Federal Court To Hear Arguments In Case Challenging City-Sponsored Prayer In Greece, N.Y.
  8. {thumbnail} Press Release August 4, 2009 AU Urges Supreme Court To Reject Scheme Designed To Keep Cross On Public Land
  9. {thumbnail} Press Release July 30, 2009 Congress Should Reject Scheme To Extend D.C. School Voucher Plan
  10. {thumbnail} Press Release July 29, 2009 AU Urges Senate Armed Services Committee to Question McHugh On Religious Liberty Issues
  11. {thumbnail} Press Release July 16, 2009 AU Commends Appellate Court Decision Against Bible Distribution In Mo. Public School
  12. {thumbnail} Wall Of Separation August 18, 2009 Holy-War Fever: Radical Rhetoric Stokes Flames Of Right-Wing Paranoia
  13. {thumbnail} Wall Of Separation August 17, 2009 Classically Unconstitutional: Nampa Charter School Can’t Be Based On The Bible
  14. {thumbnail} Wall Of Separation August 14, 2009 Confusion On The Cape: Government Has No Business ‘Helping’ Churches
  15. {thumbnail} Wall Of Separation August 13, 2009 Ann, Aliens and the Antichrist: A Corrective For Coulter
  16. {thumbnail} Wall Of Separation August 12, 2009 Lone Star History Final: Will The Texas State School Board Get An ‘A’ In Social Studies?
  17. {thumbnail} Legislative Blog July 29, 2009 Examining the Nominee for Sec. of the Army: Rep. John McHugh
  18. {thumbnail} Lynn V. Sekulow August 18, 2009 Health Care Disinformation
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