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19 August 2009 

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Phnom Penh police on Wednesday discovered hundreds of anti-government leaflets accusing the administration of Prime Minister Hun Sen of destroying the nation. (19 August 2009)

To hear the Khmer audio version of any story below, first click on the headline, then click on the speaker icon. For more stories, click here.
To hear the Khmer audio version of any story below, first click on the headline, then click on the speaker icon.

Foreign Fixed Investment Falls Mid-Year  Audio Clip Available
Leading IT Company Investing in Cambodia’s Poor  Video clip available
Former Premier’s Daughter Speaks Against Duch  Audio Clip Available
Two Rights Workers Under Investigation  Audio Clip Available
Hun Sen Chides Mu Sochua’s Appeal Decision  Audio Clip Available
US-Cambodians Ready for August Festivals  Audio Clip Available
Abuse Can Come From Need to Control  Audio Clip Available
Duch Would Accept Stoning for His Crimes  Audio Clip Available
Decentralization Demands Participation: Expert  Audio Clip Available
US Senator To Visit Cambodia, Region  Audio Clip Available
Forest Monitors Say Habitats Still a Concern  Audio Clip Available
Documentary Probes Chea Vichea’s Murder  Audio Clip Available
Child Guard Recalls Burials Under Duch  Audio Clip Available
Police Continue Interrogation Torture: Expert  Audio Clip Available
In Court Deal, Investigator Leaves Province  Audio Clip Available
Cambodian Women in US Struggle With Abuse  Audio Clip Available
EU Marks Concern Over Freedom of Expression  Audio Clip Available
Villagers Stunned by Heavy Flooding
US Senator Envisions More Investment in Cambodia  Audio Clip Available
Culture of Compromise Seen Hurting Courts  Audio Clip Available
Lawmaker Worried Over Recent Hun Sen Remarks  Audio Clip Available
Opposition Leader Suggests New Policy for Land  Audio Clip Available
Minister Claims Right to Rebuild Preah Vihear Market  Audio Clip Available
Groups Lodge Massive Land Complaint  Audio Clip Available
Seaweed Company’s Public Offering Illegal: Officials  Audio Clip Available
Micro-Lenders Drop Rates, Seek Borrowers  Audio Clip Available
Duch Concedes to Beating Prisoners  Audio Clip Available
27 Judges Ordered Into Retirement  Audio Clip Available
Thai Arrested for Insulting Angkor Wat  Audio Clip Available
Experts Urge More Natural Fertilizer Use  Audio Clip Available
Tribunal, Organizations To Coordinate Outreach  Audio Clip Available
Foreign Minister Hopes To Talk With Clinton  Audio Clip Available
Disabled Soldiers Protest Absence of Pay  Audio Clip Available
Police Invited to Annual Crime Conference in US  Audio Clip Available

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