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02 September 2009 

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Cambodian judges will be unlikely to find enough support from their international counterparts to block further indictments of Khmer Rouge leaders, observers and court officials say. (02 September 2009)

To hear the Khmer audio version of any story below, first click on the headline, then click on the speaker icon. For more stories, click here.
To hear the Khmer audio version of any story below, first click on the headline, then click on the speaker icon.

2000 Border Agreement a Disadvantage: Expert  Audio Clip Available
News Victim Participation in Tribunal a Precedent: Official  Audio Clip Available
Accused Pedophiles Transferred to US  Audio Clip Available
Hill Tribes Fear Loss of Their Forests  Audio Clip Available
Land Policy in East Needs Reassessed: Expert  Audio Clip Available
Kennedy Remembered as Champion for Immigrants  Audio Clip Available
Cambodians ‘Regret’ Loss of Ted Kennedy  Audio Clip Available
No Civil Parties in Duch Sentencing, Judges Say  Audio Clip Available
Media Groups Call for Editor’s Release  Audio Clip Available
More Tribunal Complaints Sought in US  Audio Clip Available
Tribunal Prosecutor Replacement Delayed  Audio Clip Available
Villagers Protest Before National Assembly Over Land  Audio Clip Available
Court Again Summons SRP Lawmaker  Audio Clip Available
Investment Challenges Remain: Opposition  Audio Clip Available
Project Seeks Resolution Outside the Courts  Audio Clip Available
No Forgiveness for Duch: Civil Party Witness  Audio Clip Available
Family of Slain Union Leader Welcomes Court Move  Audio Clip Available
Lao Police Arrest Five Cambodians  Audio Clip Available
Thai Military Leaders Scheduled for Visit  Audio Clip Available
Duch Highlights Flaws in Pol Pot’s Revolution  Audio Clip Available
Court Lambasted for Dropping Acid Attack Case  Audio Clip Available
Group Monitors More Than Just Elections  Audio Clip Available
More Chances Seen in Improved US Relations  Audio Clip Available
Duch Mentally Stable Before Revolution: Doctor  Audio Clip Available
Children of Trauma Face Their Own Struggles  Audio Clip Available
Thai Trial for 16 Cambodians Delayed  Audio Clip Available
New Zealander Gives Testimony at Duch Trial  Video clip available
Thai Gets 3-Month Sentence After Temple Insult  Audio Clip Available
Acid Attack Documentary Finds Audience  Audio Clip Available
Troops Begin Partial Border Withdrawal  Audio Clip Available
A Close Neighbor, Vietnam Increases Investment  Audio Clip Available
Tribunal Will Help Treat Victims: Psychiatrist  Audio Clip Available
Top Commanders Meet Over Border Dispute  Audio Clip Available
Official Blames Wife in 1999 Acid Attack  Audio Clip Available
Doctor Discusses Risk of Strokes  Audio Clip Available
Minnesota Pagoda Prepares for Buddha Relics  Audio Clip Available
Villagers Still Vigilant for Bird Flu  Audio Clip Available

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