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03 September 2009 

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American Life: Places
A firefighter watches a wildfire burn in La Canada Flintridge, California, 31 Aug 2009
Wildfires Rage in California, 12,000 Homes in Los Angeles Threatened  Video clip available
Largest of at least eight California wildfires is in Los Angeles, where a massive blaze in Angeles National Forest, north of city, is threatening suburban communities
Katrina makes landfall
Study Probes Racial Tension Between Hurricane Katrina Evacuees and Houston Community  Audio Clip Available
New study shows that many Houstonians resented newcomers from New Orleans
Charlie Engle
California Race Challenges Runners Across 200 Kilometers, Scorching Temperatures  Video clip available
Among runners a reformed drug addict and a teenager; both finish race
Cooking lunch for 100 at Twin Oaks
Virginia Commune Continues to Draw Members  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
42 Years after its founding, Twin Oaks is home to 100 and has a waiting list of people who would like to join
A student works on physics problem at Medgar Evers College Prep
Medgar Evers School is Rare Inner City Success Story  Video clip available
Medgar Evers serves around 900 largely poor, African-American children
Morris Yachts being constructed in Maine
Traditional Boat Builders Face Challenges of New Technology, Uncertain Economy  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
Centuries-old tradition of boat building adapts to new American lifestyles
North Carolina is home to the oldest and largest overnight summer camp for people with autism
Autistic Get Summer Camp Experience  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
North Carolina is home to largest overnight camp for children and adults diagnosed with autism
Seeds of Peace participants playing volley ball
After 17 Years, 'Seeds of Peace' Still Running Strong  Video clip available
Israeli and Palestinian kids attend camp together in hope of creating peace
An August 2009 class at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security in Monterey, California (file photo)
US Homeland Security Center Fosters Cooperation, Preparedness  Video clip available
Institute in Monterey, California helps local officials from around the country evaluate threats
Now here's an immaculate lawn. We doubt that the Obamas get out there with a push mower to keep it that way, however
Making the White House a Home  Audio Clip Available
Retired White House Chief Usher Gary Walters describes his role in coordinating operations at the Executive Mansion of the President of the United States for 21 years until his retirement in 2007
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The Cry, 'Water! Water!' Echoes Across the West   Audio Clip Available
Development and drought intensify a chronic problem
Nutrias is a rodent that can grow to up to 14 kilos
Argentine Rodent Devastating US Wetlands  Video clip available
Nutria contributing to the destruction of 20,000 hectares a year
Dr. Xungming Deng
Old US Industrial Town Looking Forward to a Green Future  Video clip available
Toledo, Ohio is transforming itself into a hub for renewable energy technology
Persian for Persians instructor Sheri Emami teaches students Farsi and discusses culture and politics in Iran
UCLA Course Teaches High School Students Language of Their Parents, Grandparents  Audio Clip Available
Government grants help students learn less commonly taught languages