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03 September 2009 

Today from VOA:

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  Kenyan Uproar Over Anti-Corruption Czar Continues in Parliament
  Africa to Demand Legally-Binding Reparations at Climate Summit
  Conservationists Call for Protection of Endangered Heritage Sites in Africa
  South African Group Fuses African, Western Music  Audio Clip Available
  Upcoming SADC Summit Strains Zimbabwe Inclusive Government
  US Criticizes Kenyan President Over Anti-Graft Chief Reappointment
  Riots Reported in Gabon After Bongo Declared Election Winner
  US East Coast Suburb Residents Protest Gadhafi Visit  Video clip available
  Aid Agency Calls for Scale-Up Response to Crisis at Three Somali Refugee Camps  Audio Clip Available
  SPLM Dismisses Solana‚Äôs Sudan Unity Pronouncement  Audio Clip Available
  South Africa Opposition Parties Begin Alliance Talks  Audio Clip Available
  Israeli Diplomat Asks African Leaders to Reject Fiery Rhetoric  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe Union Severs Ties With Civic Groups Over Constitutional Reform  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe Teachers Divided Over Strike as New School Term Begins  Audio Clip Available
  Members of US Congress to be Rwanda Advocates  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Partners Position Ahead of Regional Summit  Audio Clip Available
  Lockerbie Bomber Hospitalized in Libya
  Sudanese Archbishop Says Anti-Peace Forces Behind Killings in South  Audio Clip Available
  South African Police Patrol New Rapid Bus System After Drive-By Shooting  Audio Clip Available
  New Treaty Would Cast Net Over Illegal Fishing  Audio Clip Available
  South Africa AIDS Activists Appeal to Secretary Clinton  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe's Film Festival Survives Country's Problems
  Guinea Authorities Ban Political Discourse on Radio Broadcasts  Audio Clip Available
  Security Tight as Gabon Prepares for Election Results  Audio Clip Available
  US to Base Drones in Seychelles to Fight Piracy  Audio Clip Available
  Rwanda Working with Finland on Genocide Trial  Audio Clip Available
  Kenyan TJRC Has Mandate to Recommend Prosecution, Says US Member  Audio Clip Available
  DRC Rebel Group Faults Government over Agreement  Audio Clip Available
  Gabon Electoral Commission to Declare Winner of Vote  Audio Clip Available
  'House of Mothers' Helps Pregnant Women in Guinea-Bissau Beat Statistics  Video clip available
  Ministers Meet With Teacher Representatives, But Strike Appears in Offing  Audio Clip Available
  Death Toll Continues to Mount in Gulf of Aden  Audio Clip Available
  'Hunger Season' Looms for Rural Zimbabweans in October - Food Monitoring Unit  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Urges Regional Grouping to Enforce Power-Sharing Pact  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe Mines Minister Demands 50% Gov't Stake in Marange Mining Venture  Audio Clip Available
  Tsvanigrai Says ZANU-PF Actions Threaten Unity Government
  Kenyans Furious Over Re-Appointment of Anti-Corruption Czar  Audio Clip Available
  South Africa Gets Tough on Smoking  Audio Clip Available
  Gabon Awaits Presidential Results  Audio Clip Available
  UN:  World Recession Raising Malnutrition, Death Rates