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03 September 2009 

Today from VOA:

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  4 Iraqis Sentenced to Death for Bank Robbery
  Amnesty International: Iraq Has 1,000 Prisoners on Death Row
  US Proposes Sending Troops to Disputed Area of Northern Iraq  Video clip available
  Son Succeeds Father as Head of Iraq's Largest Shi'ite Party
  Government Says August Was Bloodiest Month for Iraqis in Past Year  Audio Clip Available
  Syria Dismisses Iraqi Charges it Shelters Bombers
  Thousands of Iraqis Mourn Powerful Shi'ite Leader
  Explosions in Northern Iraq Claim More Lives  Audio Clip Available
  Iraqis Mourn Death of Shi'ite Leader
  Car Bombs Hit Iraqi Forces in Baghdad
  Iraqi Shi'ite Leader al-Hakim Dies
  Al-Qaida Claims Responsibility for Baghdad Blasts
  Southern Iraq Blasts Kill 11
  Reports: U.S. Military Providing New Detainee Names to Red Cross
  Pentagon Lists US Casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan
  Iraqi FM: Security Forces Possibly Involved in Baghdad Blasts
  Blast Rocks Baghdad Vegetable Market
  US Hired Contractors to Hunt, Kill al-Qaida Operatives
  UN Marks World Humanitarian Day  Video clip available
  Baghdad Blasts Kill 95  Audio Clip Available
  Iraqi Leader Talks Security in Syria
  Life at Fairfield University for Ali Abdul Majeed Continues to Be Rewarding  Audio Clip Available
  US Commander Wants More Troops in Northern Iraq
  Ethnic Disputes Delay Iraqi Census
  Northern Iraq Twin Suicide Bombings Kill 20
  US Commander: Al-Qaida Still Formidable, Iraqi Army Can Contain Attacks for Now
  Thailand Holds First and Only Asian Martial Arts Games  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
  Bombs in Iraq Kill 48
  Iraq's First Deputy Speaker of Council of Representatives Comments on Recent Violence  Video clip available
  Bombers Kill 35 Shi'ites in Iraq  Audio Clip Available
  US Military Commander says Iraq Taking Lead on Security  Audio Clip Available
  Iraqi Government Considers Smoking Ban
  Iraq to Remove Baghdad Blast Walls
  Analysts: Iraq's Arab-Kurd Dispute Could Be Greatest Stability Threat  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
  Former Iraqi Official Gets 7 Years for Expelling Kurds
  US Pilot's Remains Found in Iraq After 18 Years
  Iraq Car Bomb Kills at Least 6
  3 US, 1 French Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
  July Worst US Month in Afghanistan, Best in Iraq
  UNDP:  Poverty, Conflict Inhibit Arab Development  Audio Clip Available