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10 September 2009 

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U.S. President Barack Obama delivers speech on health care to U.S. Congress, 9 Sept. 2009US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Advances the Cause of Women's Rights

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has made clear that she plans to make women's issues a higher priority in U.S. foreign policy than ever before.  On her recent trip to Africa, Clinton pressed government leaders on abuses of women's rights, and is using her star power to advance opportunities for women and young girls across the world.

U.S. President Barack Obama went before Congress and the nation Wednesday night to urge action on his top domestic priority: health care reform. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports his nationally broadcast address followed a month a setbacks for the reform effort.

And finally, in California each summer, runners from around the world compete in a grueling 200 kilometer race in scorching temperatures. VOA’s Rebecca Byerly reports on two runners with very different experiences.

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