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15:43 | 2009-09-10


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FM Presents Iran's Package to 5+1 Ambassadors

TEHRAN (FNA)- Ambassadors of Russia, China, Switzerland (as US interests section), Germany, France, and the Charge d'Affaires of Britain (in absence of the country's ambassador) received IRI Package of Proposals to 5+1G from Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki.

During the meeting with the foreign missions' representatives on Wednesday afternoon, Mottaki referred to the ongoing developments at the international scene and in the sensitive Middle East region, arguing, "Considering such developments in the framework of this proposed package is a necessity."

The Iranian foreign minister also stressed the need for thorough understanding of the unjust international relations and its pathology, the Islamic republic news agency reported.

Mottaki referred to Iran's political status and the Iranian nation's regional and international potentials and capabilities, reiterating, "The Iranians have always employed such potentials at the service of strengthening the foundations of peace, stability, and advancement of the regional countries and the world nations."

The Iranian top diplomat announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran is today, too, ready to sit at negotiations table over a broad spectrum of political, security, economic, cultural and international issues, based on divine and humane values, including recognition of nations' rights and sovereignty, while refraining from imposing pressure and threats, and in the light of justice and the laws.

Mottaki asked the 5+1G ambassadors and diplomatic representatives to present Iran's new package of proposals to their governments and to inform Tehran of their capital's respective viewpoints in return.

Mottaki also answered the questions raised by the ambassadors and diplomatic representatives at the end of the meeting.