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Commander Lauds Navy's Performance in Gulf of Aden
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior commander on Monday praised the operational performance of the two fleets of warships dispatched by the Iranian Navy to the Gulf of Aden and the surrounding international waters to safeguard Iranian trade cargo ships against piracy. ( 18:34:30 - 2009/08/31)

Commander: Warships Dispatched to Gulf of Aden to Protect Iran's Interests
TEHRNA (FNA)- Iranian Army's Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari on Monday stressed the significance of the deployment of Iranian warships in high seas, specially in the Gulf of Aden, saying the Navy embarked on the move to safeguard the country's national interests. ( 16:50:38 - 2009/08/31)

Iran Sends New Warships to Gulf of Aden
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Islamic Republic of Iran's Navy on Monday morning dispatched its third fleet of warships to the Gulf of Aden. ( 15:57:17 - 2009/08/31)

Military Official Lauds Iran's Resistance against Enemies
TEHRAN (FNA)- An Army official Sunday praised the Iranian nation's high spirit and courage in resisting against potential aggressions and pressures by the country's enemies. ( 17:53:01 - 2009/08/30)

Iran to Build New Unmanned, Radar-Evading Bomber
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran is due to build a new model of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) by the end of September, a senior Iranian army commander announced on Sunday. ( 16:23:40 - 2009/08/30)

Commander Hails IRGC for Establishing Security in Northwestern Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari on Saturday lauded his forces' successful efforts in putting an end to certain insecurities in southeastern and northwestern Iran. ( 16:15:08 - 2009/08/29)

Commander: No Weapons Used by Basij in Recent Unrests
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) underlined on Wednesday that the Basij (volunteer) forces used no weapons to quell rioters during the post-election frenzy in Iran. ( 17:00:16 - 2009/08/26)

IRGC Pounds Terrorist Groups Positions in Northwestern Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran on Sunday announced that it has dealt a heavy blow to the terrorist groups hiding in mountainous areas in the northwestern country. ( 17:34:51 - 2009/08/23)

Russia Willing to Sell Iran Fighters
TEHRAN (FNA)- An official at Russia's state arms exporter said if asked, Moscow will be willing to consider orders for military equipment from Tehran. ( 13:11:39 - 2009/08/20)

Top Commander Calls for Stronger Solidarity to Defuse Enemy Plots
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Monday asked for enhanced solidarity among Iranian politicians and parties to foil enemies' plots against the country. ( 17:12:10 - 2009/08/17)

Commander Warns about Enemy Plots to Make Iran Insecure
TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Basij (volunteer) forces Hojjatoleslam Hossein Taeb on Monday cautioned against enemies' efforts to spark instability and insecurity inside Iran. ( 15:41:51 - 2009/08/17)

Police Forces Start Massive Drills in Northwestern Iran
TEHRAN (FNA)- Thousands of Iranian police troops launched massive maneuvers in the country's northwestern province of Zanjan Sunday morning, a senior provincial police commander announced. ( 17:14:53 - 2009/08/16)

Iranian, Qatari Border Guards to Hold Joint Meeting Tomorrow
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian and Qatari frontier guards are scheduled to attend a specialized meeting here in Tehran on Monday. ( 15:25:48 - 2009/08/16)

IRGC Helicopter Crashes Near Tehran
TEHRAN (FNA)- An army helicopter belonging to the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) crashed in Shahriar county, located 45 kilometers west of the Iranian capital, Tehran. ( 12:31:29 - 2009/08/16)

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