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17:40 | 2009-01-15


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Actor Behdad Takes Photos to Learn Cinema

TEHRAN (FNA)- "I don't regard myself a simple actor. I know music, film directing, as well as stage and costume design. I take photos to learn cinema. This is an instinctive feeling. I know that cinema means camera," actor Hamed Behdad said.

Behdad is to display a collection of his photos in an exhibition at the Shirin Gallery from January 16 to 22.

In a press conference held here on Wednesday at the venue of the gallery, Behdad talked about his interest in art and music in addition to cinema, MNA reported.

He further explained about his process of works and said that he prefers to take photos with old cameras with negative film rather than with digital ones, "I enjoy waiting to develop the negatives. It gives me a strange satisfaction to wait and see the results. There are still people like me who prefer to work with negatives."

"The camera lens has taught me a lot. In my first film at cinema (The End of the Game) I did not know much about the art of decoupage, but by taking photos, I learned how to work with cameras while acting," he remarked.

He added that over 30 of his photos of cinematic figures less frequently seen by people, such as cinematographers, editors, producers, and directors as well as celebrities including actors Fariborz Arabnia, Sam Derakhshani, Mahtab Karamati and directors Naser Taqvaii and Masud Kimiaii will go on display.

Afterward, organizer of the exhibit Arvand Dasht-Aray who leads the Red Group said that photos bearing Behdad's signature would go on sale.

The exhibit will continue through January 22 at the gallery located on Andarzgu Blvd.in the Farmaniyeh neighborhood.

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