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14:24 | 2009-01-18


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Cinema Official Views Iranian Cinema as Ambassador of Islamic Revolution

TEHRAN (FNA)- Managing Director of Iran's House of Cinema Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpur regards Iran's cinema as a respected ambassador of the Islamic Revolution.

"Iran's cinema is indebted to the revolution and that is why Iran's House of Cinema is arranging special programs on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution," Tehran Times quoted Asgarpur as telling the Persian service of the Iranian students news agency.

He added that the House of Cinema is planning to prepare a collection of the best Iranian films produced over the past three decades and will distribute them to major international cultural centers.

"The collection will contain 30 feature-length movies, 30 documentaries, 30 animations, 30 short films and 30 copies of film music. This collection is actually a gift of Iran's cinema after the Islamic Revolution.

"It must be mentioned that the collection will not contain all the productions. Following the revolution, almost 200 works were produced and we are obliged to have some limits on quantity," he continued.

"Several organizations have also cooperated with us in preparing the collection. We also faced a few problems in preparation the, since some of the invaluable productions had no other cinematic copies or were without English subtitles.

He further remarked that the House of Cinema is also publishing a book "Revolution Street" that contains photos taken by Mahmud Kalari during the Islamic Revolution.