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14:09 | 2009-01-20


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Fajr Filmfest to Highlight 30th Anniversary of Islamic Revolution

TEHRAN (FNA)- The 27th Fajr International Film Festival will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution this year highlighting its Simorgh embracing 30 birds flying high up in the sky.

In a press conference held here at the venue of the Farabi Cinematic Foundation here on Monday, secretary of the festival Majid Shah-Hosseini elaborated on the different sections of the festival running from January 30 to February 10, Tehran Times reported.

He first expressed his appreciation to the festival's poster designer Hamidreza Beiraqi and said that it was designed in a way to revive the feeling of victory in those years besides representing an ideal cinema.

He later reviewed all different sections of the festival, saying, "The 27th edition of the festival contains 18 sections including Iran's cinema and the world. A total of 277 feature-length movies, short films, and documentaries from 63 countries will go on screen this year."

"149 foreign films as well as 128 Iranian movies including feature-length films, video, long and short documentaries will go on screen in various sections of Iran's Cinema Competition, Short Film, New Vision, Video and Cinema, International Section, International Short Film Section and Seeking the Truth section," he explained.

In addition, eight Iranian films will be competing in the international section as well.

At the non-competition section, several Iranian movies will be reviewed, Shah-Hosseini said, adding, "This section will dedicate a program for honoring movies that are not able to take part in the competition section. It will be a symbolic praise with a prize different from the Simorgh."

"Twenty films will be screened at the new section of the 30th anniversary of Iran's cinema with its different sections of festival of festivals, special screening of new productions, documentary screening, lasting classics, as well as a review section of German and Korea movies," he remarked.

He went on to say, "In addition, several commemoration ceremonies are arranged during the event, including one in honor of the late actor Khosro Shakibaii, director Rasul Sadr-Ameli and two cinematographers Mohammadreza Sharafeddin and Mahmud Kalari. Additional honoring ceremonies might also be added."

However, the special plaque of Moustapha Akkad will also be awarded to the best film of the international section with the central theme of hope and faith, while the prize named "Prophets' Way of Life" will also be awarded to the best film with the theme of dialogue among religions.

On the whole, thirty eight Crystal Simorgh will be awarded to the best productions and one Golden Simorgh will be awarded to the best film at the National Vision.

Twenty jury members will be judging the international section, of which five will be Iranian members, while 22 Iranians will be judging films at Iran's cinema section.

Shah-Hosseini further added that this year several new cinema halls scattered across the city will be covering the festival in order to give better service to the citizens in all the parts of the capital, and on the whole, 11 cinemas with 19 halls will be screening the movies.

This year, also the 12th film market will be held at the Mellat Cinema Hall located at the Mellat Park in which 22 foreign consumers from 10 countries as well as 83 stall owners from 24 countries will be taking part.