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18:05 | 2009-08-10


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Iraqi Official Calls Baath Party's Return to Power "Impossible"

TEHRAN (FNA)- An Iraqi top politician on Monday dismissed possibility of the return to power by Iraq's former Baath party.

"It seems to be an attempt to improve Baath party's reputation. The Baath party itself is seeking it. But that is not possible, for Iraq's law has banned Baathists' presence in the government. Leaders of the party are still in the wanted list," a leading member of Da'wah party Mahmoud al-Miali told FNA.

Miali underlined that people in Iraq and the region, Iran and Kuwait in particular, will not forget the crimes committed by Iraq's former Baath regime.

"Their (Baathists) return to power is almost impossible," the Iraqi politician reiterated.

Al-Miali highlighted the significance of general elections in Iraq for determination of the country's fate.

Meantime, a leading US newspaper reported on Friday the Iraqi government has demanded explanations from the United States and Turkey about a protocol signed this year between an American official and a representative of a group of Iraqi Sunni insurgents in Istanbul as a precursor to negotiations between the two sides.

The Iraqi government says that the protocol amounts to "interference in Iraq's internal political affairs" and that it was expecting "clear explanations" from American and Turkish officials at the embassies in Baghdad.

Another leading US daily, The Washington Post, cited Turkish and American officials as well as an insurgent leader as saying that US officials engaged in negotiations with Iraqi insurgent groups in two meetings this spring that culminated in an agreement to organize talks intended to bring the groups into Iraq's political life.