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16:49 | 2009-08-02


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Politician Blasts West's Stance on Afghan Developments

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Afghan politician strongly criticized the stance adopted by the western states on the country's developments, saying that the West is heedless of Afghanistan's interests.

"The West always pursues its own specific plans and takes positions on certain occasions. They portray small incidents as major development and major incidents as minor ones. All these attempts serve their own national interests and not Afghanistan's interests," Leader of the National Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan Mohammad Akbari told FNA on Sunday.

About the alleged massacre of up to 2,000 Taliban prisoners of war immediately following their surrender to General Abdul Rashid Dostum in November 2001, Akbari said, "If the western world and (the so-called) supporters of human rights want to bring to justice those responsible for the massacre, they should not consider the last and the least important case and launch a probe into all similar incidents."

Abdul Rashid Dostum is also an ally of both the US and Hamid Karzai.

According to survivors and witnesses, over a three-day period, fighters under the command of General Abdul Rashid Dostum stuffed surrendering Taliban prisoners into metal shipping containers without food or water. Many suffocated. Guards shot others to death. The victims are believed to be buried in a grave in the desert of Dasht-e-Leili in northern Afghanistan.

Akbari further underlined that the allegation against General Dostum's forces which was made before the country's elections would not serve the interests of the Afghan nation and would lead into negative consequences for the war-torn country.

He further viewed the claim as politically-motivated, adding that the move is a US green light to the Taliban to prevent the group's attacks during the elections.

Afghanistan's presidential and provincial elections will be held on Aug 20, the second direct vote for president since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.