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15:34 | 2009-08-18


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First Iran-Made Oceangoing Ship to Launch Operation Thursday

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran said that it has finished building the first home-made oceangoing ship named 'Iran Alborz', adding that the ship will launch operation on Thursday.

"Industrial shipbuilding is a time-consuming industry but we tried to remove obstacles to manufacture one such ship every six month and then launch it. To the same end, the first (oceangoing) ship will be dispatched to the sea on Thursday and on the same day a second ship will be launched," Rostam Qasemi, a presiding board member of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO), said in a press conference on Tuesday.

Qasemi lauded Iranian experts for their long strides in the shipbuilding industry and their remarkable achievements.

He stressed that IDRO had planned to build five oceangoing ships, each 100 meters in length and 34 meters in width.

Iran Alborz, which is capable of carrying 2,200 containers, weighs around 20,000 tons, he added.

Iran also has a hand in building vessels for the Navy.

A senior Iranian Navy commander announced earlier in the month that the Navy plans to boost production of different types of home-made vessels.

"Martyr Tajvidi Shipbuilding Industries has plans for production as well as repair and maintenance of ships and vessels in future in a bid to prevent withdraw of foreign currency from the country's treasury," Commander of Army's 4th naval zone Seyed Mahmoud Mousavi said.

"Right now, about 95% of the vessels needed by the country are built in Martyr Tajvidi Industries," Mousavi mentioned, adding that the Defense Ministry has created good capacities in its affiliated industries.

He further reiterated that increasing plans for vessel manufacturing is a main mission of the country's shipbuilding industries.