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2009-01-26 - 14:02

Frankfurt Exhibits Iran-Inspired Art

TEHRAN (FNA)- Germany has mounted an exhibition of Iran-inspired artworks by two Armenian artists at the Museum of World Cultures in Frankfurt.

Images of the Orient in Photography and Painting 1880-1980 displays some 97 artworks by photographer Antoine Sevruguin Khan (ca. 1840-1933) and painter André 'Darvish' Sevrugian (1894-1996) who lived in Qajar era Iran.

The Armenian father and son, who belonged to a family of diplomats in Tehran, were deeply influenced by the Persian culture.

Antoine photographed and documented the traditional lifestyle of different classes of Iranians as well as the country's historical monuments, press tv reported.

Although his works have been published in many German books, he is more famous in the US and the UK.

Andre 'Darvish' Sevrugian, who used his family name in the original Armenian spelling, has created many manifestations of the Persian poetry based on the picturesque style of Persian miniature paintings. He is known for his Shahnameh illustrations.

The exhibited artworks, some of which have been displayed for the first time in Germany, beautifully present the bicultural life of the two artists and the interplay of Eastern and Western art in their works.

The event, which kicked off on December 6, 2008, will run until July 12, 2009. The works have been selected from the collection of Emanuel Sevrugian, Antoine's grandson and Andre's son, who now lives in Heidelberg.