Monday, September 14, 2009

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Dmitry Medvedev’s Laughable Call For Reform 

Medvedev wants to "cooperate"? Then he can start by firing Putin, by dissolving the Duma, and then we'll see. He can't, you say? Then what is he pretending for? So that maybe someday something will happen? More


Iraq Struggles To Rebuild Its Education System 

As the Arabic saying goes, “The Egyptians write, the Lebanese publish, the Iraqis read.” As the world mark International Literacy Day, we examine the situation in Iraq, which was once held up as a regional model for education, but today is struggling. More


New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg Blogs About RFE/RL Experience 

Hertzberg recently visited RFE/RL headquarters in Prague. Upon "beaming" back to the U.S., he posted this to the New Yorker's blog. More
Part 7: The Journey's End
In a seven-part video series, RFE/RL travels with a group of Tajik migrants making the four-day train journey from Dushanbe to Moscow in search of a better life. In the final segment, the migrants finally arrive at their destination, where they face an uncertain future. Play 

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