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August 23, 2009

In the run-up to this year's Independent Games Festival deadlines this November, we thought it might be a good idea to update periodically with the latest news on submissions, previous winners, judging, relevant events, and so on.

IGF Success Stories

Firstly, I just wanted to highlight some notable successes from previous Independent Games Festival winners, showing the power of indie games in today's market. For starters, The Behemoth's 2007 double IGF award winner Castle Crashers for Xbox Live Arcade recently reached 1 million individual leaderboard entries, making it one of the most-played XBLA titles of all time - congratulations to them.

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August 22, 2009

Just a note for anyone in the Asia-Pacific region - we've just posted new information, including judge specifics, on the first Independent Games Festival China event, taking place in Shanghai this October alongside GDC China.

The deadline for IGF China is September 7th, and the smaller satellite event is free to enter, with winners being displayed at the October GDC China event. (There will also be a small Independent Games Summit with a mix of Western and Chinese speakers at the event.)

Here's the English-language page and Chinese-language page on IGF China if you'd like to learn more.

July 19, 2009

Think Services, organizer of the industry-leading Game Developers Conference (GDC) events, is pleased to announce that submissions are now open for the 2010 Independent Games Festival. Entries to the 12th annual festival are due in both Main and Student Showcase categories by November 2009, with Main Competition finalists to be announced January 4, 2010.

Games selected as finalists will available in playable form on the GDC show floor and will compete for nearly $50,000 in prizes, including awards for Excellence in Design, Art, the Audience Award and the coveted $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Winners will be announced on stage at the prestigious Independent Games Festival Awards on Thursday, March 11, 2010, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The Independent Games Festival Awards are held alongside the Game Developers Choice Awards and both award shows are part of the 2010 Game Developers Conference. GDC 2010 also includes the 2010 Independent Games Summit, which is entering its fourth year and offers two days of inspiration and practical lectures and rants from the top minds in the independent games world.

Over the years, the Independent Games Festival has recognized the best and brightest indie game developers and their games. As the indie game mindshare continues to grow, thanks to the rise of digital distribution and a compelling aesthetic, the Independent Games Festival has played a key role in putting a well-deserved spotlight on these games. Notable former IGF winners include Everyday Shooter, Audiosurf, World of Goo, Blueberry Garden, Darwinia, Castle Crashers, and many more.

Notable evolutions to this year's Festival include a substantial increase in the number of hand-picked IGF judges - chosen, as always, from notables practicing both mainstream and indie game development, as well as discerning indie-minded games journalists.

The judging pool has more than doubled over last year's event, allowing each individual game entry to be played in much greater depth. The IGF is also adding compulsory (previously optional) written judge feedback alongside scores, an important part of deriving value and takeaway from entering the Festival, even for non-finalists.

Simon Carless, Chairman of the IGF, commented of this year's event: "We're delighted to return for our twelfth year of the Independent Games Festival, and we're really looking forward to see what the independent game community comes up with this time around. Good luck to all entrants!"

Submissions to the competition are now open to all independent game developers; important dates for IGF 2010 are as follows:

July 1st, 2009 - Submissions are Open
November 1st, 2009 - Submission Deadline, Main Competition
November 15th, 2009 - Submission Deadline, Student Competition
January 4th, 2010 - Finalists Announced, Main Competition
January 11th, 2010 - Finalists Announced, Student Competition
March 9th-13th, 2010 - Game Developer's Conference 2010
March 9th-10th, 2010 - Indie Games Summit @ GDC
March 11-13th, 2010 - IGF Pavilion @ GDC
March 11th, 2010 - IGF Awards Ceremony (Winners Announced!)

Sponsors already confirmed for the 2010 Independent Games Festival include Official Download Partner Direct2Drive and Platinum Student Showcase sponsor DigiPen Institute Of Technology. For a complete list of IGF 2010 event information, please visit the official IGF website.

July 15, 2009

[While submissions have just opened for the main IGF, we're pleased to announce that we've also created an IGF China event, starting this year - all Asian entrants should check out the IGF China site (Chinese-language version) for more info.]

Think Services, organizer of the Game Developers Conference events, has announced the first annual Independent Games Festival China. The event is to be held in conjunction with the 2009 Game Developers Conference China, which returns to the Shanghai International Convention Center, October 11-13 of this year.

After 11 years of the main Independent Games Festival competition being held at GDC in San Francisco, the Independent Games Festival will present itself to Shanghai, China for the first time in 2009, in a competition specifically designed to encourage innovation and showcase standout games from smaller companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

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July 02, 2009

[We're starting to announce the content for the first-ever Indie Games Summit @ GDC Austin, and this IGF-affiliated offshoot is really looking like an interesting gathering of the minds. Full info below...]

Organizers of this September's Independent Games Summit at GDC Austin have announced first speakers, with the indies behind titles like Bit.Trip Beat, Age Of Booty, Fantastic Contraption, and DeathSpank speaking on a number of notable topics.

Initial information about the September 15th-16th Summit, a separate part of the wider, 'connected game'-focused Austin-based event, is available on the GDC Austin website. Other Summits taking place at GDC Austin this year include a brand-new iPhone Games Summit and the notable, long-running Writing and Audio Summits..

Details on the Independent Games Summit at GDC Austin include specifics on the first five lectures and panels for the first-ever Austin edition of the popular main GDC event, and the highlights include:

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May 20, 2009

Thanks to everyone for making the 11th Annual Independent Games Festival one of the best ever. As I'm sure you've noticed, a full list of winners is available on the site.

We've also updated the IGF press page, showing major BBC and The Onion AV Club coverage, as well as an updated Indie Games Summit page, with pictures and write-ups from the March 2009 IGF sister event. (Don't forget about the new GDC Austin Indie Games Summit this September, too!)

In addition, watch out for information on the 12th annual Independent Games Festival, to appear on the site in late June or early July. We'll be adding full info and submission dates for the 2010 IGF event, which we expect to once again be the biggest ever.

Finally, we've updated the site to a proper blog format, so you can now subscribe to the brand new IGF News RSS feed to be alerted when news is posted.

May 19, 2009

Organizers of this September's GDC Austin have announced a call for submissions for the IGF-affiliated first-ever Independent Games Summit there, also revealing the Advisory Board and topics to be discussed at the two-day Summit.

Initial information about the September 15th-16th Summit is available on the GDC Austin website, with organizers noting that the Indie Games Summit will include "discussions surrounding business models and methods, promotion and marketing, deep game design techniques and inspirational case studies." (The IGF is skipping IGF Pavilion presence at GDC Austin this year in favor of a more educational Summit experience.)

The Advisory Board for the Summit, which will be announcing its first speakers in the next few weeks, include local Austin-area independent developers Adam Saltsman (Paper Moon, Cave Story WiiWare contributor) and Brandon Boyer (editor of indie-friendly BoingBoing-affiliated game site

In addition, the three main Advisory Board members of GDC San Francisco's yearly Independent Games Summit, Flashbang Studios' Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink (Minotaur China Shop) and Independent Games Festival Chairman Simon Carless, are also helping to oversee the event.

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March 26, 2009

The winners of the 11th Independent Games Festival Awards were announced last night at the Annual IGF Awards ceremony, hosted by the Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

Congratulations to all the winners, including Erik Svedang's Blueberry Garden (pictured), which took home the Seumas McNally Grand Prize and $30,000.

You can read about the awards and see the full list of winners at this Gamasutra news story.

March 22, 2009

We're all very busy preparing for this week's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, but here's all the information you'll need to know about the awards and showcases taking place this week:

- The Independent Games Summit takes place on Monday and Tuesday, March 23rd-24th from 10.00am to 5.30pm, during GDC 2009 at the Moscone Center, with some of the top independent game creators talking about the art and business of making indie games.

- The IGF Mobile awards ceremony takes place on Tuesday, March 24th at GDC Mobile, from 10:45am to 11:30am, immediately following the morning keynote. (The ceremony's winners will also be highlighted at the main IGF Awards on Wednesday night.)

- Starting Wednesday, March 25th through Friday March 27th (Wed and Thur, 10am-6pm, Fri, 10am-3pm), the IGF and IGF Mobile Pavilions will be open on the show floor in the Moscone Center. All GDC attendees will be able to play the Independent Games Festival Main Competition, Student Showcase and IGF Mobile finalists, and the developers will be on hand to talk and demonstrate the year's leading independent games.

- Finally, on Wednesday, March 25th, the Independent Games Festival Awards will be held in the Esplanade Room starting at 6.30pm, with thousands of developers on hand to see this year's IGF Awards given out, before the Game Developers Choice Awards take place. Once again, Pocketwatch Games' Andy Schatz (Venture: Dinosauria) will be giving out the IGF Awards, with video skits from Mega64, introductory comments from IGF co-content directors, Flashbang Studios' Matthew Wegner and Steve Swink, and last year's Grand Prize winner, Crayon Physics' Petri Purho, giving away this year's $30,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

March 21, 2009

IGN's digital retail store Direct2Drive announced the four finalists for the Independent Games Festival's D2D Vision Award, which seeks to celebrate independent developers exemplifying innovation in design coupled with excellence in game-play.

The sponsored award will be presented at 2009’s Independent Games Festival on March 25 in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco.

More information about the prize can be found at this Gamasutra news story.

March 02, 2009

Organizers of the 2009 Independent Games Festival (IGF) have launched the IGF Audience Award voting website, allowing game fans everywhere to download, play, and choose a favorite all of the eligible Main Competition finalist indie games which submitted a publicly playable demo.

Online voting is open now and continues through Friday, March 20th, with the award given out at the IGF Awards taking place alongside the Game Developers Choice Awards at the 2009 Game Developers Conference on March 25th.

The games with eligible demos or full versions on PC, XBLA, XNA Community Games or PSN are: Retro/Grade, Dyson, Brainpipe, The Maw, IncrediBots, Osmos, Musaic Box, Cortex Command, CarneyVale Showtime, Coil, The Graveyard, PixelJunk Eden, Mightier, You Have To Burn The Rope, and Between. The winner of the Audience Award will be awarded a $2,500 prize, part of the $50,000 total in prizes being given as part of the IGF Main and Student Competitions.

February 26, 2009

Our final sponsor announcement for this year brings with it a pleasant surprise. Signing up as Platinum Sponsor, Mountain Dew's Green Label Gaming division is supporting indie games and the IGF in a major way.

They are announcing that they will be adding $10,000 to the IGF's Seumas McNally Grand Prize this year, taking it all the way up to $30,000.

They are also giving away multiple All-Access passes to this year's GDC, in a design competition currently being hosted on Thanks to them for their support of the Independent Games Festival and the indie games scene.

January 26, 2009

Finally, our sister IGF Mobile competition announced its finalists, with its rather neat iPhone, cellphone and DS indie picks also on show at GDC - here's the full rundown via Gamasutra.

January 25, 2009

As well as already-signed Download Partner Direct2Drive, which will be giving away a prize during the IGF Awards on March 25th, we're pleased to announce that Microsoft's XNA has signed up as a Gold Sponsor, Sony as a Silver Sponsor, and DigiPen School Of Technology as a Platinum Student Showcase Sponsor for this year - we very much appreciate their support.

January 21, 2009

We've now announced this year's IGF Student Showcase winners - click through for the full list, and congratulations to all the very worthy teams who made it! There's also a Gamasutra news story with some more detail - as noted:

"The 2009 Independent Games Festival (IGF) has announced the ten winners in the Student Showcase for its 11th annual awards, with games from three continents spanning ecological, paint-splattering and fantasy exercise games to be shown at GDC this year.

Chosen from a new record of 145 Student Showcase entries (up over 15% on last year's 125 entries), these games will appear at the IGF Pavilion and go on to compete for an overall Best Student Game prize, to be awarded at the IGF Awards Ceremony on the evening of March 25th, 2009."

January 07, 2009

As you'll see in the official IGF finalist press release, we're also announcing today that digital download store Direct2Drive has aligned with the Independent Games Festival to serve as the festival’s official download partner this year.

Direct2Drive is a leading digital download store, which successfully distributes AAA titles from every top publisher in the industry. It'll now deliver that same service to top independent game developers, by providing them with a dedicated platform to promote and sell their games to the >30 million unique visitors that visit the site and parent entity IGN's network every month.

This includes a new Direct2Drive Award given out at the IGF Awards this March, and the service has now opened dedicated, IGF-supported Direct2Drive indie game area, including many previous IGF finalists and winners and other notable independent games.

This year's IGF Main Competition finalists are now officially revealed, and there's an official press release and a Gamasutra news story also now available if you'd like to spread the news. Quoting from them:

"The 2009 Independent Games Festival (IGF) has revealed the finalists for this year's ninth installment of the pre-eminent indie game competition. From a record field of 226 entries, 30% over last year’s totals, a number of notable games scored multiple nominations this year.

These include orbital osmosis sim Osmos (3 nominations), abstract PSN action-er PixelJunk Eden (3 nominations), time-reversing guitar-compatible antishooter Retro/Grade (2 nominations), and atmospheric ball-ambulator Night Game (2 nominations), as well as charming exploration-game Blueberry Garden and music-based block puzzler Musaic Box, both double nominees.

Finalists were decided by a panel made up of over 40 industry-leading game creators and journalists, including the makers of previous IGF honorees World Of Goo, Braid, Aquaria and N+; industry veterans from studios including Maxis, Big Huge Games, and SuperVillain Studios; and noted writers from Wired, Newsweek, and MTV."

December 05, 2008

The organizers of the 2009 Independent Games Festival have announced a record turnout for this year's IGF competition, with a total of 226 entries in the Main Competition (an increase of 30% on last year's 173 entries), and a total of 145 Student Showcase entries (up over 15% on last year's 125 entries).

In addition, information on the 226 separate IGF Main Competition entries, including screenshots, descriptions, and links to official game websites, are now available to view on the official IGF website.

In addition, the 145 IGF Student Showcase entries are also available for viewing on the official IGF website, with descriptions, screenshots, and official website information.

The IGF judges, which currently comprise notable journalists,
indie and mainstream game creators, are now in the process of judging this year's titles. with almost $50,000 in prizes to be handed out, including the $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Finalists will be announced in early January 2009, and winners, as picked by the 2009 IGF judges, will be announced on stage at the prestigious Independent Games Festival Awards on Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

December 03, 2008

IGF Mobile The organizers of the Independent Games Festival Mobile have revealed a total of 107 entries for the second year of the event, more than doubling the amount of entries seen in the inaugural competition. The entries were bolstered with a strong showing from the emergent iPhone and iPod Touch platform, but entries spanned platforms including mobile phones, DS, PSP and the Zune.

The event, a sister competition to the main IGF event, has seen a host of notable independent projects enter the contest -- for which $30,000 in prizes are to be awarded at GDC 2009 next March. Nvidia is Platinum and Founding Sponsor for the event, and the prize pool includes a Best iPhone Game, presented by Gold Sponsor ngmoco.

A full list of IGF Mobile 2009 entries is now available, including screenshots and details on each of the entries.

October 15, 2008

Firstly, we've now revealed the IGF judges for this year via, with a host of top indie/mainstream creators and media deciding this year's honorees - with headshots and full bios now added to

Rather importantly, we're also issuing a reminder to all prospective entrants of the main Independent Games Festival that the deadlines are November 1st, 2008 at 11:59pm PDT for the IGF Main Competition.

In addition, the deadline is set at November 15th, 2008 at 11:59pm PDT for the IGF Student Competition. Finally, the sister IGF Mobile event, for iPhone and mobile device games, has its deadline on November 17th, 2008 at 11:59pm PDT. Don't be late!

October 06, 2008

Think Services, organizers of the Game Developers Conference and the Independent Games Festival, have entered a new partnership with high-profile iPhone game publisher ngmoco. The deal will add a $10,000 'Best iPhone Game' prize to 2009's Independent Games Festival Mobile, and increase the maximum amount of prizes in the hotly contested indie mobile competition to a record $30,000.

The partnership with ngmoco, the Kleiner Perkins-funded iPhone publisher co-founded by former EA executive Neil Young, includes a Gold Sponsorship of the IGF Mobile event, which is now in its second year. The mobile-centric indie event, originally created by Think Services and Founding Sponsor Nvidia, is expanding to include iPhone games this year.With last year's Grand Prize winner Critter Crunch already a successful title on Apple's handheld, organizers are expecting a surge in iPhone game entries.

For more information on IGF Mobile and entering this year’s competition, for which the deadline is November 17th, please visit the IGF Mobile website.

August 02, 2008

Submissions are now open for the second Independent Games Festival Mobile, celebrating creativity and innovation on handheld platforms from the iPhone through the cellphone, PSP, and DS - with finalists being showcased at GDC 2009, and a new 'Next Great Mobile Game' live pitch category added.

Following the success of the first IGF Mobile, a sister event to the main IGF competition, the second year of the festival, supported by Founding and Platinum Sponsor NVIDIA, will again feature independently developed handheld games for all mobile devices including cell phones, Apple's iPhone, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and Windows Mobile devices.

The competition will include a new category for developers to pitch new ideas at the GDC Mobile-hosted award ceremony. IGF Mobile submissions are being accepted at the official website through November 17, 2008; finalists will be announced in January 2009.

July 27, 2008

The organizers of the Independent Games Festival have announced the nine winners of the Austin GDC IGF Showcase, picking the very best examples of 'local flavor' in terms of indie games from Austin and the Southern U.S. to be exhibited at the Austin Game Developers Conference from September 15th to 17th.

Some of the top local titles span the gamut from one-man teams through tightly focused console indies, including Texas-honed games such as physics-heavy iPhone puzzler Enigmo, CosMind's evocative art-game Glum Buster, Red Fly Studios' Wii/DS quirky Mushroom Men duo, knockabout Guildhall @ SMU student title ToyBox Heroes, online titles FireTeam Reloaded and Ashen Empires, previous IGF finalist Goo!, console downloadable title Pirates Vs. Ninjas Dodgeball, and user-generated game website Mockingbird.

The Showcase winners receive complimentary passes and get to showcase their titles in a special IGF Pavilion at the Austin event, which this year features learning tracks including Online, Audio, Writing, Worlds In Motion and Game Career Seminar, and is hosting a local Independent Games Festival Showcase for the first time.

More information about the 2008 Austin Game Developers Conference - for which the early registration deadline is July 31st - is available at the official event website. The full list of the honored Austin GDC IGF Showcase winners is available here.

July 01, 2008

Think Services, organizer of the Game Developers Conference (GDC), is pleased to announce that submissions are now open for the 2009 Independent Games Festival (IGF). Submissions to the 11th annual festival are due by November 2008, with finalists to be announced January 5th.

Games selected as finalists will available in playable form on the GDC show floor and will compete for nearly $50,000 in prizes, including awards for Innovation, Excellence in Design, and the coveted $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Winners will be announced on stage at the prestigious Independent Games Festival Awards on Wednesday, March 25, 2009, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. The Independent Games Festival Awards are held along the Game Developers Choice Awards and both award shows are part of the 2009 Game Developers Conference.

Over the past few years, the Independent Games Festival has helped guide the rise of the indie game scene by honoring and popularizing the best and brightest independent developers and their games. Former IGF winners include Everyday Shooter, Audiosurf, and World of Goo.

Notable evolutions to this year's festival include:

- A number of new IGF judges, including Spore designer Chaim Gingold, World Of Goo co-creator Kyle Gabler, The Sims Studio head Rod Humble, Civilization IV co-creator Soren Johnson, Rock Paper Shotgun co-founder Jim Rossignol, and Crayon Physics author Petri Purho.

- Returning IGF judges include independent game creators Jon Blow (Braid), Raigan Burns (N+), and Derek Yu (Aquaria), game industry veterans Brian Reynolds (Big Huge Games), Chris Rausch (SuperVillain Studios), and Chris Charla (Foundation9), and journalists N'Gai Croal (Newsweek), Chris Kohler (Wired News), and Stephen Totilo (MTV News). The full list of judges will be announced in the near future.

- In addition to the $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize and the awards for audio, art direction, design and technology, the IGF is presenting a new Innovation Award in the Main Competition. This new award is intended to honor abstract, shortform, and unconventional game development, allowing more esoteric 'art games' to compete on their own terms alongside longer-form indie titles.

"We're delighted to welcome a new cadre of judges, alongside categories that encourage even greater experimentalism and innovation, to our industry-leading indie game competition”, said Simon Carless, Chairman of the IGF. "We're very much looking forward to see what you crazy independent developers come up with this time round.”

Submissions to the competition are now open to all independent game developers; important dates for IGF 2009 are as follows:

July 1st, 2008 - Submissions are Open
November 1st, 2008 - Submission Deadline, Main Competition
November 15th, 2008 - Submission Deadline, Student Competition
January 5th, 2009 - Finalists Announced, Main Competition
January 19th, 2009 - Finalists Announced, Student Competition

March 23rd-27th, 2009 - Game Developers Conference 2009
March 25th-27th, 2009 - IGF Pavilion @ GDC
March 25th, 2009 - IGF 2009 Awards Ceremony

For a complete list of IGF 2008 event information, please visit the official Independent Games Festival website.

May 18, 2008

Audience Award
So, you may have spotted a just-debuted announcement about Austin GDC 2008 opening its registration - in there is the revelation that "an Independent Games Festival (IGF) showcase" will be part of the September 15-17th 2008 show.

However, that's all the information we've released thus far, so I wanted to explain in more detail and offer an informal call for submissions to this IGF Showcase. It will be significantly different from the traditional Independent Games Festival competition, summit and finalist exhibition that we hold every February/March at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. (Though it will be similar in that each picked game will be showcased in a special IGF booth, with free all-access show passes for the developers.)

Basically, we decided that the event doesn't necessarily need another worldwide indie showcase - especially as the Independent Games Festival at GDC does that on such a large scale already, and will always be our flagship event (call for submissions for IGF 2009 will be up in the next 4-6 weeks, by the way!)

In addition, the Texas/Southern game scene has such a rich and interesting tapestry, from Origin Systems to Gamecock Media Group and beyond, and we wanted to honor that by doing a special 'IGF Presents' and picking some 'local flavor' in terms of interesting startups, indies, and game creators from Austin and beyond.

So that's just what we are doing! This won't be a fully-fledged 'competition' as such, but the IGF organizers will work with some of our trusted advisors to pick a select amount of Texas/Southern indie game creators to showcase in a special IGF booth at the event. We've already been making semi-discreet enquiries and have a list of possible indies to choose from, but we're definitely open to more suggestions.

So, if you're a Southern developer (we don't yet have a precise geographical boundary - use common sense!) who would like to be showcased at the IGF in Austin in September - and bearing in mind you'll need to turn up in person and show your game to the assorted publishers, developers, and luminati in attendance, of course - then please email with the following information:

- Name/location of developer & URL of official webpage/full contact details.
- What's the game and what's its platform? Brief description, please.
- Can you provide us with links to screenshots, movies, or a playable version of your title?
- A few words about what makes you 'indie', in whatever abstracted form that phrase is valid nowadays.
We're looking for all kinds of neat independently produced games - both professional and student, PC and potentially console/handheld, offline and online - so feel free to contact us on or before June 15th with your suggestions, and we'll start announcing 'IGF Presents' showcase games soon.

April 06, 2008

Firstly, the Independent Games Festival organizers would once again like to thank entrants, judges, GDC attendees and media for making the 2008 Independent Games Festival and Independent Games Summit the best ever. With some major media coverage and a host of well-regarded winners, we're looking forward to making things even better for the 11th Annual IGF - look for announcements in late Spring.

In addition, IGF/GDC parent Think Services has extended its commitment to independent games over at the Weblog, an independently-run guide to the best indie games being created right now. To further help distribution, has just added a Game Of The Month feature, highlighting the best pay-to-download PC indie games, whether IGF-entered or not.

February 20, 2008

Audience Award

Crayon Physics Deluxe, Kloonigames' 2D physics puzzle game that allows players to experience what it would be like to transform drawings into physical objects, was named the winner of the $20,000 Seumas McNally Grand Prize at the 10th Annual Independent Games Festival (IGF) Awards, presented at a ceremony this evening at CMP's 2008 Game Developers Conference (GDC).

Other major winners at the IGF ceremony included physics-based puzzle action game, 2D Boy's World of Goo, which won the awards for both Design Innovation and Technical Excellence, and Audiosurf by Invisible Handlebar which won the $2,500 Audience Award, after receiving the largest share of more than 3,500 votes cast online over the past two months at

The IGF awards have been described as the Sundance Festival of the videogame industry, and offer both global exposure and over $50,000 in cash prizes to the developers of the winning games.

Other award recipients included One Ton Ghost's comical treasure-seeking adventure Iron Dukes, which took the award for Best Web Browser Game, Kokoromi's Fez, which won for Excellence in Visual Art for its presentation of a 2D character exploring a 3D world, Invisible Handlebar's Audiosurf, a game that lets players experience their songs in real time, in full color, and in 3D, and which took the prize for Excellence in Audio, and, winner for Best Student Game, Synaesthete, a music-driven arcade-style shooter developed by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Another notable award given at the IGF ceremony was The Gleemax Award for Strategic Gameplay ("The Gleemie"), presented by IGF Platinum Sponsor, Gleemax, Wizards of the Coast, Inc.'s community for gamers. Three games were awarded "The Gleemie" prize package, which consisted of a custom designed trophy accompanied by a tiered prize package. (1st - $5,000, 2nd - $3,000, 3rd - $2,000).

"As the video game industry grows bigger by the day, it becomes even more important to give a voice to the independent developer," said Simon Carless, chairman, IGF. "This year's Independent Games Festival winners are showcasing how important independent games are -- both as an artistic movement and as accessible titles that are really damn fun to play."

The IGF awarded the following games in each category in the main competition -- each received a cash prize of $2,500 as well as sponsor-related prizes, and the Grand Prize winner was awarded $20,000.

Seumas McNally Grand Prize:
Crayon Physics Deluxe, by Kloonigames

Best Web Browser Game:
Iron Dukes, by One Ton Ghost

Design Innovation Award:
World Of Goo, by 2D Boy

Excellence in Visual Art:
Fez, by Kokoromi

Excellence in Audio:
Audiosurf, by Invisible Handlebar

Technical Excellence:
World Of Goo, by 2D Boy

Best Student Game:
Synaesthete, by DigiPen Institute of Technology

Audience Award:
Audiosurf, by Invisible Handlebar

Gleemie Awards:

-- First Place: Desktop Tower Defense, by Handdrawngames
-- Second Place: Skyrates, by Team Skyrates
-- Third Place: Quadradius, by Quadradius

February 19, 2008

The voting for the IGF Audience Award will close in 24 hours, so if you would like to vote for your favorite IGF game, act now! Visit our Audience Award voting website to see which games have publicly available demos and to weigh in!

February 04, 2008

Audience Award

The IGF Mobile organizers have announced the location and time of the awards ceremony for the inaugural Independent Games Festival (IGF) Mobile during GDC Mobile 2008 (February 18th-19th).  The event is to be held on Tuesday, February 19 between 10:00am and 10:30am in Room 134, North Hall, directly after Anssi Vanjoki (Executive Vice President, Markets, Nokia) delivers his morning keynote.

IGF Mobile finalist games will be on show at the IGF Mobile Pavillion in the exhibit hall during GDC Expo (February 20th-22nd).

January 17, 2008

The CMP Game Group has announced a new sister weblog to Gamasutra and the Independent Games Summit/Festival, - The Weblog (RSS feed), presenting the latest news, reviews and interviews from the burgeoning, increasingly important independent gaming scene.

The blog, built on top of the existing website, is written from an independent perspective, thanks to veteran indie game expert Tim W. and co-editors, and has already added a 'Best-Of' section, featuring some of the more notable freeware and indie games of this and previous years. - The Weblog also includes interviews with notable game creators, coverage of both Flash and downloadable freeware and commercial indie titles, and plenty of other perspectives on the independent gaming scene - as well as a job feed from's industry-leading job section.





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