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17:26 | 2009-10-12

Foriegn Policy

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Lawmaker Rebukes Arab Indifference to Palestine

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior Iranian lawmaker on Monday strongly criticized the silence shown by a number of Arab leaders on developments in the Palestinian territories, specially the recent raid by the Zionist regime of Israel on the Al-Aqsa mosque.

"Leaders of a number of Persian Gulf Arab states have joined the Zionist regime both in view and action through their indifference to the Palestinian issues," Vice-Chairman of the parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mohammad Esmail Kowsari told FNA.

Kowsari reminded that Israel intensified its onslaught on Gaza Strip after receiving a green light from Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and cautioned that the regime once again is seeking to trample upon Palestinians' rights through the same support (extended by the Arab states).

About the recent Israeli raid on the Al-Aqsa mosque, the Iranian lawmaker noted that the Zionist regime is seeking to recover from its failures in the 33-day war against the Lebanese Hezbollah and siege of the Gaza Strip.

Fighting between the Palestinian worshippers and the Israeli forces broke out when a group of tourists entered the mosque compound, which is considered the third-holiest site in Islam, and which has been a central faultline in the decades-old Arab-Israeli conflict.

Around a dozen Palestinians were injured during the Zionist raid.

"The Zionist regime must know that it will never achieve success through such actions," Kowsari told FNA, and further urged Muslims to defuse Zionist plots through vigilance.