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2009-08-10 - 15:08

Analyst: Israel Not Capable of Attacking Lebanon

TEHRAN (FNA)- Israel is fully aware of its incapability and inability to attack Lebanon, fearing to see a repetition of its defeat in the 33-day war in September 2006, a Lebanese analyst said on Monday.

"Defeat will be like a very terrible earthquake for them and will annihilate their superficial awe and their threats (to attack Lebanon) aim to revive the regime's awe and give it a new face," Qaleb Qandil told FNA.

Qandil said the main problem of the West and Israel is that they don't understand the fact that Hezbollah is a reality which is rooted within the nation and is completely popular.

"Israel has threatened Hezbollah in an attempt to affect the political scene of Lebanon," he added.

Qandil viewed formation of the government in Lebanon as the most important political issue of the country on which Israel has an eye, noting that the regime has publically threatened to attack the southern parts of Lebanon should the Lebanese resistance and Hezbollah be present in the government.

In the meantime, Hashem Safieddin, Hezbollah Executive Council Chairman responded to the threats by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, and said on Sunday, "Today we are powerful and this is thanks to the 2006 victory, which is why we think the Israeli threats are hollow and meaningless."

Barak said on Thursday that Israel would use "all necessary forces" if there was a fresh conflict on its northern border with Lebanon.

He charged that Hezbollah has stockpiled 40,000 rockets.