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  1. Off the rails

    After a series of accidents, the railway union has organised wildcat strikes and parked trains in parts of the South. Prime Minister Abhisit has ordered the train service resumed promptly.

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  2. Living in a ghost town

    Three year ago, Burma's new capital Naypyidaw didn't even have a grocery store or a market. But since then, things haven't got much better.

  3. Dysfunctional regional community

    So long as Burma is a member of Asean, it will play an important role in the future of the community - for better or for worse. By VORAMAI VANIJAKA

  4. Hitler covered up

    European diplomats and some foreign residents have forced a waxworks museum operator to apologise and cover up a billboard featuring the Nazi leader.

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    Malaysia has started enforcing a restriction on petrol sales to ...

  2. Klong Dan decision 'close'

    The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) is close to ...


  1. Investors need to focus on Fundamentals

    Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij is no stranger to the capital ...

  2. India makes a larger investment in China

    China continues to attract Indian capital as enterprises look to ...

Opinion & Analysis

  1. Transparency needed in resource deals

    The bill's sponsors hope that the greater transparency will lead ...

  2. POST BAG Polish up writers's awards

    I could not agree more with Jack Gilead's letter (PostBag, Oct ...


  1. King Arthur knocks out Taylor in 12th round

    'King' Arthur Abraham opened his Super Six campaign with a ...

  2. Alshammar sets two short-course swim world records

    Sweden's Therese Alshammar set two new short-course world ...

  • Leisure

    Banging her own Drums

    Astereotype exists in rock music about girls being sexiest with a bass guitar. Yet, they never seem to be associated with the drums. ...

  • Entertainment

    Beauty and Beyond

    Little girls dream of being a beauty queen, and at the national level there are three titles to pursue: Miss Thailand, Miss Thailand ...

  • Life

    Child's play

    Play can contribute to children's physical growth, emotional and intellectual development and stimulate their imagination. However, ...

  • Auto

    Boxer gets Volt assist

    Why is Subaru wasting its money on an outlandish concept?

  • Tech

    Further features of the Apple iPhone 3Gs

    At the end of September, thanks to True Move, I had an iPhone 3Gs in my hands for some 10 days. In the first part of this 2-part ...

Post Blog

  • The lily pond of Map Ta Phut

    By Atiya Achakulwisut — Any (good) student of environmental management would have heard of the lily pond metaphor. For those who haven't, the story goes like this. Suppose you have one pond, in which a water lily grows. The ...

  • Looking at the bright side of the recession

    By Samila Wenin — From the closure of Christian Lacroix haute couture to Emanuel Ungaro's catastrophic attempt to boost publicity and wider market share by hiring Lindsay Lohan as the fashion house's artistic adviser, it's ...


Mac Cloner

What's wrong with two airports?

It would make more sense to close Don Muang and develop U-Tapao into a fully operational
international ...

Mac Cloner

Driving in Bangkok!

I've been driving here for a few years now and find that the drivers are very courteous. I've driven over ...


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