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“I hit blogs without Disqus now and I wonder why they don't have it.” Duncan Riley

is a better comment system for your site.

Hundreds of thousands of sites, from small blogs to large publications, rely on it to power and manage their discussion communities.

This is why you should too...

  • Connect Your Conversations

    Sometimes the conversation happens away from your site. That's OK. Now you can link up with the social web using Reactions, our feature that hooks into results from uberVU and BackType. Seek out social comments and mentions from places such as Twitter, FriendFeed, Digg, and YouTube, then display them with your comments.

  • Say Hello to Millions of Commenters

    That's right — millions of active commenters are already by recognized by the system. Disqus Comments also lets your readers choose their identity, with Facebook Connect, OpenID, or Twitter Sign-in, when they leave a comment.

  • Experience Real-time Discussions

    Bring lively, real-time chatter onto your page with real-time posting and updating. With rich interactive features such as threaded replies and comment replies, your discussions never feel dull.

  • Spread the Chatter

    Allow your commenters to easily spread the discussion all across the social web, driving new traffic back to your site in the process. Every time someone leaves a comment, they can easily share the discussion happening on your site to friends and followers. Accelerate the distribution of your content by observing how effectively word travels across the Facebook Newsfeed and Twitter stream!

  • The Very Best Tools

    Generic content management systems just aren't built for handling discussions effectively. Our sleek and powerful moderation panel was designed for comments. Features such as multi-site moderation, multiple moderators, bulk actions, and automated decisions make Disqus Comments the most efficient tool for managing a large (or getting-there-large) community.

  • Comments Don't Have to Be Painful

    We've all been bitten before. As valuable as comments can be, dealing with them can be a chore. Disqus Comments lets you enjoy the benefits without the need to babysit your site. We use our own proprietary anti-spam that was built and trained to handle the junk some people try to pass off as comments. Disqus VIP also features cutting-edge semantic technology that helps you automatically recognize offensive posts and keep the discussion civilized.

  • Know Your Audience, Love Your Audience

    Built-in compatibility with Disqus Profile means that you can encourage verified commenter profiles — real comments from real people. And with global reputation across all sites, you can track influential commenters on and off your site.