Reader Digital Book by Sony. Your Library. At hand.

The Sony Reader provides a new way to experience reading. Take your library on-the-go and access your favorite books from anywhere. For added versatility, the Reader supports multiple file formats including ePub and PDF, offering access to more books from more places, including over one million free public domain titles from Google books.

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Benefits of the Reader Digital Book

  • It's Portable — It's lightweight and easily fits in a purse or jacket pocket.
  • Long Battery Life — Enjoy up to two full weeks of reading on a single battery charge.
  • Large Capacity — Holds up to 350 books with 512MB of onboard memory.
  • E Ink® Vizplex Screen — Provides easy, natural reading from a paper-like display.

Reader Tips & Tricks See All

Extend Battery Life
Why does my battery sometimes run out much faster than I think it should?
Add RSS Feeds
How can I transfer and update RSS feeds on my Reader?
Increase Font Size
How can I make the book text larger?

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How does the eBook Store from Sony work with the Reader?

Reader Accessories See All

  • Read in bed

    Ready for bed?

    Read a few pages of the latest bestseller.

  • Read on vacation

    On vacation?

    Light reading is right in your pocket.

  • Read while traveling

    On a business trip?

    Travel light with plenty of reading materials.

  • Read RSS feeds

    Got time to kill?

    Scan through your favorite books while you wait.