Ronald K.L. Collins book reviews

When free speech struggles against fear
By Ronald K.L. Collins Two new books, on free-speech heroes and on J. Edgar Hoover, show workings of censorship and how 'security' too often trumps liberty.   05.21.07

Batch of new First Amendment books coming soon
By Ronald K.L. Collins 'Must reads' include works by Geoffrey Stone, Christopher Finan, Kenneth Ackerman.   04.23.07

Trial of 'Angelheaded Hipsters'
By Ronald K.L. Collins & David M. Skover Review of Howl on Trial, which recounts the story of a literary run-in with the law that led to a notable obscenity ruling.   11.28.06

New book explores First Amendment history
By Ronald K.L. Collins First Freedoms offers vigorous documentary survey of trials, triumphs our freedoms have undergone.   06.14.06

Books, reviews spotlight First Amendment issues
Lee Levine's review of First Amendment attorney Floyd Abrams’ first book, Speaking Freely: Trials of the First Amendment, a memoir of a 30-plus-year career of defending free speech.   05.12.05

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Ronald K.L. Collins
Biography of Ronald K.L. Collins, First Amendment Center scholar.   01.03.03

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