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05 November 2009 

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Malaria is spread by mosquitoesViolent Kidnappings in Kenya

Violent kidnappings are a serious problem in Kenya, with children being the most common targets. VOA’s Cathy Majtenyi reports from Nairobi.

The U.S. is seeking collaboration with private entities in promoting development across the world. VOA’s co-host Vincent Makori recently spoke with Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley, the Special Representative for Global Partnerships, at the State Departmentabout working with private businesses and non-governmental organizations.

The Path Malaria Vaccine Initiative has been involved in the development of a new vaccine. It is a global program established to accelerate the development of malaria vaccines and ensure their availability and accessibility in the developing world. VOA’s health correspondent Linord Moudou talks to Sally Ethelston, the Director of Communications and Advocacy for Path MVI.

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