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05 October 2009 

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People's Republic of China 

On October 1, China celebrates the founding of the People's Republic with great fanfare. Over the past sixty years, the world's most populous country has transformed itself from a struggling poor civilization to an industrial and military power with few rivals. This short history, by Chinese standards, is also riddled with political tumult, economic failures and human suffering of unprecedented scale.

The timeline below describes the events that have occurred over the last sixty years.

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Chinese men perform at Beijing's Tiananmen Square during 60th Anniversary festivities, 1 Oct 2009
China Celebrates 60 Years of Achievement Under Communist Rule  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
Beijing showcases military capabilities, economic, social progress during huge parade marking anniversary of Communist state
Mao Zedong
Dissidents Give China Failing Grade on 60th Anniversary of Communist Rule  Video clip available
Dissidents call for closer scrutiny of prison labor, workers' rights and urban displacement
Pro-democracy activists, carrying a banner that reads, "Chinese people stand up," march to China's liaison office in Hong Kong, 01 Oct 2009
Protesters Denounce China's Human Rights Record
Hundreds of protesters take to Hong Kong streets and accuse China of making little progress on rights and democracy
PLA’s type-03 long-range rocket guns
US Concerned About China's Military Modernization  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
US officials have carefully watched China's efforts to modernize its military in recent years and are concerned it could pose a threat to America's military power in Pacific
Chinese performers dance along newly rebuilt Qianmen shopping street after official opening, ahead of 60th anniversary in Beijing, 28 Sep 2009
China Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Modern State's Founding  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
As country celebrates realization of significant goals, challenges remain
The sewing machine was once considered a luxury item
60 Years After PRC's Founding, Chinese Consumers Have a New Wish List  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
Once wishing to have a sewing machine, which was considered a luxury item, now Chinese consumer want to have a car and a house and even these are no longer considered as status symbols
Chinese paramilitary police officers march in front of Tiananmen gate before the flag lowering ceremony in Beijing, China, 29 Sep 2009
Heavy Security Planned for China's Anniversary Celebration  Audio Clip Available
Military leaders say display of military might not meant to intimidate China's neighbors, but to celebrate country's achievements
Foreign and Chinese tourists look at the high-rise buildings in Pudong New development zone in Shanghai, China (File)
China Looks to Technology, Diplomacy for Future
Since late 1970s, China has been on path of economic growth, development that has lifted 500 million out of poverty
Stephen Green (Aug 2009 file photo)
Executives Say China's Economic Rise Bodes Well for Hong Kong
HSBC bank to relocate chief executive to Hong Kong, underscoring territory's place in changing global business environment