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05 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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       African Music Mix

African Music Mix team 

 You can't get this anywhere else!

is the only radio station that has your favorite mix of African music, from around the continent, available to you every day of the week.  On African Music Mix, you will be able to hear up-to-date songs by artists who come from East, West, North, South, and Central Africa, as well as the islands.

Do you like listening to N'dombolo? Benga?  What about Hip-Life? Couper-Decaler?  There's also Fuji, Mbalax, Rai, and Kwaito.  And don't forget African Hip Hop.  We have it -- and now, so do you -- right here on African Music Mix.

VOA has an archive of over 12,000 African songs, and we invite you to listen in on African Music Mix, Monday-Sunday from 0000-0300 UTC/GMT, and Monday-Friday from 1100-1400 UTC/GMT.


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