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12 November 2009 

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Leaders of three parties opposing the ruling party, including Sam Rainsy, say they will continue to boycott the formation of a government.
The full Assembly, heavily dominated by the CPP, will vote to revoke Sam Rainsy’s immunity on Monday, Cheam Yiep said. (12 November 2009)

To hear the Khmer audio version of any story below, first click on the headline, then click on the speaker icon. For more stories, click here.
To hear the Khmer audio version of any story below, first click on the headline, then click on the speaker icon.

UN, Cambodian Officials Meet Over Tribunal
Cambodia Refuses Thai Request to Extradite Former Leader Thaksin Shinawatra  Audio Clip Available
Officials Sue Sam Rainsy for Incitement, Destruction  Audio Clip Available
Cambodia's Garment Workers Hit by Recession  Video clip available
Group Seeks to Keep Cambodian Arts Alive
Cambodia Marks Independence Day  Audio Clip Available
Former King Remembered for Independence Day  Audio Clip Available
Journalist Handed Two Years for Disinformation  Audio Clip Available
Thais Recall Ambassador Over Thaksin Job  Audio Clip Available
National Budget Risks High Deficits: World Bank  Audio Clip Available
Appeals Court Takes Up Acid Attack Case  Audio Clip Available
Private Companies Prepare To Enter Stock Exchange  Audio Clip Available
Carter To Visit Habitat for Humanity Homes  Audio Clip Available
Opposition Accused of Border Post Destruction  Audio Clip Available
Beehive Radio Owner Dons Monk Robes  Audio Clip Available
‘Peace’ a Legacy of Sihanouk: Official  Audio Clip Available
Opposition Lawmaker To Return from US  Audio Clip Available
Thaksin Visit Marks Low in Bilateral Relations: Analysts
Cambodia Rejects Extradition Request for Thaksin  Audio Clip Available
Thaksin Shinawatra Arrives in Cambodia as Thai Government Moves for Extradition  Audio Clip Available
Journalist Lauds Cambodian Media Ethics  Audio Clip Available
Duch’s Case Could Hold Valuable Lessons  Audio Clip Available
NGOs Too Lack Resource Protection Capacity  Audio Clip Available
Appeals Court Postpones Acid Attack Case  Audio Clip Available
Thais Threaten to Close Cambodian Borders  Audio Clip Available
Hun Sen in Tokyo To Discuss Mekong Development  Audio Clip Available
Tribunal Gives Update on Second Investigation  Audio Clip Available
National Power Plan Outdated: Report  Audio Clip Available
Thaksin Appointed ‘Adviser’ to Hun Sen  Audio Clip Available
Spirit of Tribunal Honors Victims: Official  Audio Clip Available
Water Festival Wraps Up in Capital  Audio Clip Available
Thais Protest Over Soldiers on Border  Audio Clip Available
Cambodia Mulls Resource Transparency Initiative  Audio Clip Available
New Tribunal Budget Anticipates More Indictments  Audio Clip Available

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