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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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Children of War
Children of War
A New Film Documents Rehabilitation of Former Child Soldiers
Rebuilding lives after war is a difficult process. American filmmaker Bryan Single explores the rehabilitation process of former child soldiers in northern Uganda in his new movie "Children of War". Mariama Diallo has the story.

President Obama preparing to speak about the shooting at Fort Hood, 05 Nov 2009
President Obama
President Barack Obama heads to East Asia Thursday for his first trans-pacific trip in office. VOA White House correspondent Paula Wolfson reports he will be reaching out to Asia's leaders and its people. 





And, Health Correspondent Linord Moudou talks about the challenges of Diabetes in Africa and outbreak of Dengue fever in the West African state of Cape Verde.

For more information:

"Children of War" Documents Rehabilitation of Former Child Soldiers

Obama Readies for First Asia Tour

Garbage Collection in Cairo Collapses    

Obama, World leaders Honor Veterans on Anniversary of End WWI

North Carolina World War II Veterans Honored in Washington

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Victims of Rape

New Play: "Eclipsed"

Africa and the Berlin Wall

Sonny Side of Sports 09 November 2009

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