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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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Whether you want the latest news and sports, health information, music or lively discussion, you'll find it on the VOA. We offer a wide variety of radio and television programs. Here's a list of VOA Africa radio programs:

VOA Africa Radio Broadcast Schedule


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Africa News Tonight

A 60 minute evening news magazine program broadcast in two live editions.

red bullet Mondays - Fridays: 1600 and 1800 UTC

Nightline Africa

A weekend news magazine program, bringing you up to date with the latest developments in Africa and around the world, including a new weekly roundup of top stories, plus arts and culture. Become part of the Nightline family.
red bullet Saturdays & Sundays: 1600 and 1800 UTC

Daybreak Africa

Interviews and sports on this 30 minute breakfast show.
red bullet Mondays - Fridays: 0300, 0400, 0500, 0600 UTC



A 30 minute call-in health program that puts listeners directly in touch with medical professionals.

red bullet To participate in the program call host Chinedu Offor collect at 202-619-3111.

red bullet Tuesdays: 1730 UTC


Join host Akwei Thompson for an interactive discussion about everyday life, from storytelling to street food to comedy and much more ...

red bullet Mondays: 1730 UTC

Reporters' Roundtable

A panel of African journalists examines important issues in the news of the past week.
red bullet Thursdays: 1730 UTC

Sonny Side of Sports

Listen to the lastest sports news and trends.  If you would like to send your comments to the Sonny Side of Sports, you can send e-mail to Sonny at: sonny@voanews.com

red bullet Mondays- Fridays: 1632 and 1832 UTC

red bullet Friday 30 minute program 1730 UTC

Straight Talk

Host Shaka Ssali examines topics of special interest to Africans, including politics, health, social issues and conflict resolution in this hour long call-in show.
  Join the show by calling us collect at 202-619-3111.

red bullet Wednesdays: 1830 UTC.

Studio 7

for Zimbabwe

Studio 7 broadcasts original radio programs in English, Shona and Ndebele created by Zimbabweans, for Zimbabweans.

Up Front

On this fresh, fast-paced show, co-hosts located in the U.S. and in Africa talk to teens and young adults about trends, lifestyles, health, entertainment, and other issues touching listeners’ lives.

red bullet Wednesdays: 1730 UTC


African Beat

Host David Vandy showcases the best of modern African music, including the latest dance tunes from hot clubs around the continent. Guest DJ spots, interviews with top entertainers, and music retrospectives of famous artists all help to make this a show that can’t be missed.

red bullet Mondays - Fridays: 0900 and 2000 UTC

African Music Mix

VOA is the only radio station that has your favorite mix of African music, from around the continent, available to you every day of the week.  On African Music Mix, you will be able to hear up-to-date songs by artists who come from East, West, North, South, and Central Africa, as well as the islands.  

red bullet Mondays - Sundays: 0000-0300 UTC

red bullet Mondays - Fridays: 1100-1400 UTC

Hip Hop Connection

Join host Rod Murray for the latest hip hop music from the United States and Africa.
red bullet Fridays: 2100 UTC, repeating Saturdays at 1500 UTC

red bullet Saturdays: 2100 UTC, repeating Sundays at 1500 UTC

Music Time In Africa

Highlights of the best in traditional and modern African music.

red bullet Saturdays and Sundays: 0900 UTC and 2000 UTC