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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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Small Sulayman
Dr. Sulayman Nyang






Nightline offers a brand-new feature: It's About Time, commentary on the latest political and social issues by renowned Howard University Professor of African Studies, Dr. Sulayman Nyang...

Catch up on the week's top news on This Week in Africa...

And on Mailbag, we air comments and views from you, our listeners!



SUNDAYS 1600 & 1800 UTC

James Jonah

James Jonah




Segun Adeyemi
Segun Adeyemi






  • Former UN Under Secretary-General for Political Affairs, Dr. James Jonah, looks at the issues of peace and conflict on One Man’s Point of View...
  • African Legends pays homage to the men and woman who have helped build the continent; Segun Adeyemi presents the latest in African sports...
  • Spoken word artist Omekongo Wa Dibinga offers messages of hope and inspiration...
  • Segun Adeyemi provides up-to-date sports results...
  • And Nightline brings you African art, music, literature and culture--and much much more!




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