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12 November 2009 

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Former Sudanese Prime Minister and head of Sudan's Umma party Sadeq al-Mahdi and southern Sudanese president Salva Kiir (r), chairman of the south's ruling SPLM, after signing an electoral accord, 05 Sep 2009The Politics of the Government of Southern Sudan

The leader of the semi-autonomous Southern Sudanese government, Salva Kiir, is asking people there to vote for independence in the upcoming referendum.  Kiir warns that Southern Sudanese would be treated as "second class" citizens if they vote for unity with the north. But President Hassan Al-Bashir's National Congress party says Kiir's comments undermine the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). 

Join us on Straight Talk Africa for our live, one-hour television and radio call-in simulcast when host Shaka Ssali talks about Southern Sudan in an exclusive interview with leader Salva Kiir.


Deng Deng Nhial
Trade and Investment Officer Mission
Government of Southern Sudan to the United States

One on One Taped Interview:
Salva Kiir
President of the Government of Southern Sudan
Vice President of Sudan

Question of the week:

Should the people of Southern Sudan vote to secede from Sudan’s Khartoum government? If they vote to secede, are they breaking the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement?

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