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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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  Zimbabwe Prime Minister Tsvangirai Urges Political Tolerance, Nonviolence  Audio Clip Available
  Broad Agricultural Strategies Aimed at World Hunger  Audio Clip Available
  First Recorded Dengue Fever Epidemic Hits Cape Verde  Audio Clip Available
  American Volunteers Recall Gratifying Service at Ugandan Care Facility  Audio Clip Available
  Mozambique Opposition to Present Alleged Evidence Of Vote Rigging  Audio Clip Available
  UNICEF: Nearly Nine Million Children Dying from Preventable Causes
  Sub-Saharan Africa Econ Growth Forecast Drops To 1.3%
  Senegal Health Workers Struggle with Prenatal Care for Rural Women
  Zimbabwean Rugby Player Restored to Roster of South Africa's Springboks  Audio Clip Available
  Unreformed Zimbabwe Central Bank Discouraging Donors, Says Finance Minister  Audio Clip Available
  Cape Verde Tackles 13,000 Suspected Cases of Dengue Fever  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai and MDC Ministers End Boycott of Unity Gov't Cabinet  Audio Clip Available
  US Urges 'Full, Expeditious' Implementation of Kimberly Plan for Zimbabwe
  Zimbabwe Court to Allow Torture Allegations in Bennett Trial
  Zimbabwe Land Seizures Reportedly Intensify  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe Judge Allows Testimony in Bennett Weapons Case by Controversial Witness  Audio Clip Available
  Farm Workers Suffer With White Farmers as Zimbabwe Land Reform Continues  Audio Clip Available
  Pirates Seize Cargo Ship in Indian Ocean
  Guinea Military Threatens Problems if Current Leader is Forced Out  Audio Clip Available
  UN Prosecutors Seek to Limit Taylor's Contact With Lawyers During Cross Examination  Audio Clip Available
  Egyptian Activist Nour Presses For More Rights in Political Process  Audio Clip Available
  Student Activists Encourage White House to Raise Anti-Genocide Concerns about Darfur  Audio Clip Available
  Ethiopian Opposition, Ruling Parties Exchange Allegations Over Upcoming Elections
  Irrigation Helps Zambian Farmers Boost Food Production  Audio Clip Available
  MDC Ends Zimbabwe Cabinet Boycott  Audio Clip Available
  Report: Africa's Disappearing Wetlands Produce 'Alarming' Levels of Greenhouse Gas
  ICRC Worker Kidnapped in Chad
  South Africa Cricket Team Takes 2-0 Edge Over Zimbabwe in International Series  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwe Prime Minister Returns to Cabinet Meetings
  Aid Groups Alarmed Over Delay in Somali Famine Relief
  Report: Better Health Care Could Save 4 Million in Sub-Saharan Africa
  Kimberly Process Chair Defends Recent Decision Not to Suspend Zimbabwe  Audio Clip Available
  Member of Parliament of Zimbabwe's MDC Acquitted on Rape Charge  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwean University Students Arrested at Bindura Science Institution  Audio Clip Available
  Zimbabwean Winner of JFK Rights Award Says Country Remains Troubled  Audio Clip Available
  Somali Pirates Deny Arms Seizure  Audio Clip Available
  Capping Reconciliation Talks, Zimbabwe Cabinet Meeting Due Wednesday  Audio Clip Available
  Ethnic Clashes in DRC Cause Thousands to Flee
  Corruption in Cameroon Deters Investment, Slows Growth  Audio Clip Available
  Eyewitness: Somali Pirates Tried to Seize Plane, Passengers  Audio Clip Available