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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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  Iraq's Presidential Council Wants January 18 Election
  Iraq Electoral Official Says Vote Will Happen On Time   Audio Clip Available
  2 US Pilots Killed in Iraq
  Obama: Iraq Election Law an "Important Milestone"  Audio Clip Available
  Iraqi Parliament Approves New Electoral Law After Raucous Debate  Audio Clip Available
  Iraqi Parliament Fails Again to Approve New Electoral Law
  Iraqi Lawmakers Fail to Vote on Election Law
  Exxon Group Wins Major Iraq Oil Contract
  Health Officials Report 7 Swine Flu Deaths in Iraq
  UN Envoy to Iraq Investigates Foreign Support for Terrorism
  At Least 8 Killed in Iraq Bombings
  Iraq Arrests Security Personnel for Sunday's Deadly Explosions
  Iraq to Vote on Kirkuk Balloting Guidelines
  World Food Program Launches First Electronic Food Voucher Program
  Iraqi Lawmakers Hit Snag on Election Agreement
  Al-Qaida Group Claims Responsibility for Baghdad Bombings  Audio Clip Available  Video clip available
  Iraqi Electoral Law Remains in Limbo Following Baghdad Bombings  Audio Clip Available
  Dual Baghdad Bombings Kill 155, Wound 500
  Obama Condemns Deadly Twin Suicide Bombings in Baghdad
  Twin Bombings Rock Central Baghdad, More Than 130 Killed  Audio Clip Available
  Asylum Claims Rise in Industrialized Countries  Audio Clip Available
  Iraqi Lawmakers Fail to Agree on New Election Law
  Obama: US Combat Troops Out of Iraq By Next August
  In a Symbolic Gesture, 34 Kurds Turn Themselves in to Turkey
  Bomb Kills 3 in Sunni Area of Baghdad
  US Military Cancels Deployment of Army Brigade to Iraq  Audio Clip Available
  Malaysia Arrests Iraqi Terrorism Suspect on False Passport
  At Least 15 Killed at Sunni Mosque in Iraq
  Syria-Iraq Dispute Colors Regional Security Conference
  8 Killed in Baghdad Jewelry Heist
  Coordinated Bombings Kill 16 in Western Iraq
  Britain Remembers Iraq Conflict  Audio Clip Available
  Roadside Bomb Kills 2 Iraqi Police Officers 
  Obama, Talabani Meet at White House
  Car Bomb Rips Through Market in Western Iraq
  Suicide Bomber Kills 6 at Iraqi Funeral
  IOM to Increase Aid to Displaced Female-Headed Households in Iraq  Audio Clip Available
  Iraq Commander Plans More US Troop Cuts
  Iraq's Maliki Unveils Broad Coalition  Audio Clip Available
  Odierno: US to Withdraw 4,000 More Troops From Iraq  Video clip available