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12 November 2009 

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20 Years After Chernobyl


Twenty years ago, the Soviet-made nuclear power reactor in the Ukrainian town of Chernobyl exploded, releasing a plume of radiation that spread across much of Europe. VOA examines the situation 20 years later.


Pre-dawn explosion, sparked by failed experiment, hurled radiation across vast parts of three former Soviet republics, as well as large parts of Europe
This Chernobyl widow lives with her cat named Gorbachev
Aging Chernobyl Survivors Share Memories on 20th Anniversary  Audio Clip Available
Survivors still struggle to come to terms with devastating effects of the nuclear accident
VOA Correspondent Lisa McAdams at the prohibiton zone near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
Debate Over Chernobyl's True Toll Continues  Audio Clip Available
Recent UN report about world's worst nuclear accident says consequences of disaster were overblown
Chernobyl nuclear power plant  (1986 photo)
Chernobyl Blast's Health Impact Varies According to Source  Audio Clip Available
Ukraine blast released many times radioactive fallout of US bombing of Hiroshima
Abandoned Pripyat
20th Anniversary of Chernobyl Disaster Reminds Locals of Lost Homes  Video clip available
Town near nuclear plant was evacuated and then declared off-limits forever to residents
A glimpse into Reactor Number Four
A Look Back at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Disaster 20 Years Later  Video clip available
On April 26, 1986, a massive explosion tore through Reactor Number Four at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant
xenomax nuclear symbol 04mar04 150.jpg
20 Years After Chernobyl Europe Debates Nuclear Power  Audio Clip Available
Some are embracing nuclear energy, while others are phasing out their old plants