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12 November 2009 

Today from VOA:

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Food Crisis in Niger

A malnourished child receives medical care from an international aid agency in Niger
Niger Famine Spotlights Infrastructure Issues  Video clip available
Two to three million people are in danger of starvation as aid agencies appeal for food and the Nigerian president denies the problem
grain being distributed in Garin Goubli, Niger
Food Distribution Underway in Drought-Stricken Niger  Video clip available
UNICEF is providing grain to some villages that should last until the next harvest
feeding baby vitamin enriched 'Plumpy Nut
In Niger, Humanitarian Organization Racing Against Clock to Feed Undernourished  Video clip available
Admission to feeding centers has increased from an average of 1,000 children a week to 1,600 per week
Laure Souley holds her  three-year-old daughter and an infant son
Experts Say Niger Famine is Avoidable  Audio Clip Available
Aid workers complain that it took dramatic television pictures of emaciated children and death from hunger to get relief going
The Doctors Without Borders (MSF)feeding center in Maradi, Niger
Famine in Niger Continues, But Aid Pours In  Audio Clip Available
In landlocked country's most heavily affected areas, there is little sign crisis is abating
Villagers with some of the bags of grain distributed by UNICEF
WFP Facing Funding Shortfall For Niger  Audio Clip Available
UN agency is now conducting emergency food airlifts